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Itzy Ritzy backpack baby diaper bag is very stylish and fashionable for modern-day parents. Those people love to be sporty, fashionable, and stylish. when it applies to a mom they always try to find fashionable and trendy things for their babies.

Dear parents, Today we are going to review the specifications of this highly sophisticated backpack diaper bag.

If you always seek the trendiest things in the market, we can recommend the trendiest diaper bag in the market is the Itzy Ritzy diaper bag. Most moms are loving this product as this is a styling backpack with versatility. These backpacks are available in fabulous colors like olive green and blush pink and coffee cream etc. This beautiful design of diaper bag is mostly mistaken for something other than a diaper bag.

The feature rich diaper bag

This feature-rich diaper bag has seven pockets on the outside including two insulated baby bottle pockets zipper and a lined top. It also has side pockets for your keys and wallet with flap closures front pockets. Those pockets have much bigger space than the pictures you can see online.

itzy ritzy baby diaper bag with main features
The front overview of Itzy Ritzy

The cavernous inside of this backpack is about 1300 cubic inches and you can organize all the stuff with 10 different dividers and pockets inside. Then you can manage all the stuff that you lugging around. 

The thick rubber feet adds this backpack a steadily standing posture and the entire front can be opened by the large zipped pocket so you can easily access it.

The mesh liner of the lower half of the bag will prevent tumbling things out when the bag is opened. that mesh divider is there all the different pockets and zipped pockets so you can organize the things very well. You can separately store the things like diapers, wipes, extra clothing, extra bottle, and pacifiers.

The bag comes with a cute changing foldable pad that fits nicely to the bag inside without taking much space. Additionally, the backpack has stroller straps, vegan leather on the pockets, and the tassels are also available with a comfortable carrying to handle up top.

Name – Itzy Ritzy back pack diaper bag

Web site –

Owners – Itzy Ritzy

Overall rank – 98 out of 100

Specifications Explained

Two Flaps are there in front of the bag. You can use these pockets for your wallet, tissues, coil books, and other simple stuff. The pockets have a magnetic closure. It is really easy to open, stay nice and fit.  

A brown leather tassel can be seen in every bag. Zippers consist of gold hardware. If you are not a tassel person, you can remove it and use that hanging ring for another purpose

The huge zip pocket in the front aspect of the bag is very much helpful. You can put most of your stuff in it.

At the top of the bag, you can see the grab handle. Over the grab handle you can see there is a back pocket. You can put your keys, sunglasses, wallet, and other small stuff in it.

Insulated pocket is a scientific advancement in this product

The side insulated pocket is a creative and very useful item in this diaper bag. Parents can keep foods, drinks while keeping their temperature and can give fresh food and drink items to their babies.

In sideways, you can see another zipper that contains a fully wipeable and foldable changing pad. Also, the backpack straps are having nice memory foam padding. You can wear out the backpack for more than 4 hours with these straps without any discomfort.

pocket for the changing pad is a special feature of this bag

The pocket arrangement of this bag is very organized so you can access everything very easily. The small pockets on the side of this bag bring added advantages to the parents.

Finally, the main structure of this bag is very nicely laid out and the user can get many advantages from that.

Why most parents love this Itzy Ritzy back pack diaper bag

The most important thing about this backpack diaper bag is a very important and cost-effective thing. This bag can use at any age for your baby. At the early ages is better. Most parents say they have plenty of room wherever they go and whatever they do in a day.

Some parents put wet wipes and sanitizer in the front right pocket. So they can easily grab it when they need it. Also, parents love insulated zip pockets too. If they need a prescription that needs cold or if they need a fresh cool snack, this insulated pocket is very helpful for them. Some parents find secure places to put their wallets when they are traveling. Mostly they use the back zip pocket for that.

Traveling parents can put first aid supplies and such things in the inside mesh and they use upper little pockets for keeping sunglasses and the trash bags etc. Generally, they love to have a lot of pockets inside the bag. It keeps them organized. Most parents believe that organizing things in pouches does not work. They need to keep things simple. So this diaper bag has the best of all these.

Lets talk about the insulated pocket of the Itzy Ritzy back pack diaper bag

When you need to store breast milk and you can pump on the go. So you don’t worry about the baby’s feedings. That facility is very important for babies at an early age. So modern stylish moms prefer this bag present days not only for the stylish and classy looking, but also the scientific innovative things like insulation areas of the bag.

Shape and Size is specific for the Itzy Ritzy

This bag doesn’t look that big. But it holds a lot more than others. It has a perfect shape which fits into your back nicely. YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILD. HA…..HA..(kidding)

It is very comfy and feels light and is very much suitable for traveling long houRS.The rubber bottom adds a steady upright look for the product which is very useful for traveling in airplanes.

Non of most backpack diaper bags doesn’t meet parent’s needs or qualifications, but this. Some parents used to bring their Macbook laptop inside this bag which fits perfectly. This is a good alternative for messenger-style diaper bags.

The product also comes with a portable phone charger.

Some Cons of the Itzy Ritzy

  • Some of parents said that this is bit expensive for a diaper at the price point they give this 4 stars.Some times the phone charger facility is added problem to some parents.
  • One of short parent of 5″ 2 and short waisted told to MyBabycare that this product is too long.So they experience few difficulties in hanging.
  • Other few parenrts have few doubts in quality control of the Itzy Ritzy and they need more neatly done the diaper bag.
  • Durability of this diabag is not satisfactable according to the some of users.


After considering all the facts regarding the Itzy Ritzy backpack baby diaper bag, we came to the conclusion that this sophisticated product is very effective for parents irrespective of their baby’s age. But they can get more advantages if their baby is younger.

There are tons of benefits and few cons that can see with this diaper bag. But this stylish diaper bag is very popular among moms in the recent past. As a first mom, you can use this bag for everyday use and the internal arrangement will guide you to collect the things which are needed for your baby.

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