Infant and toddler developmental milestones

children study at class room where lot of lot of milestones fulfilled

The child learns how to interact with society, communicate with society, solve problems during child development. Through play activities, they learn a lot in their early years and that is the main way of learning. Child development influences other features such as community engagement, play activities, genes, nutrition, health, and other physical activities. Growing physically … Read more

Why does my toddler eat his diaper?

A baby wear a diaper and sit on a chair

Most kids start pulling little pieces off of the diaper or the side of the diaper while wearing it. They start eating it. They eat plastic as well. Most parents are unaware of how to stop it. Little baby kids stripped down and tossed their diapers into the toy bins and ran in celebration of … Read more

Why does my toddler vomit when he cries?

Bbay is crying and vomiting

Some babies cry inconsolably and become upset. Most of the time vomiting may accompany this. You can assess the situation carefully and find out the underlying issue. Your physician can help you to evaluate the underlying cause for this. Still, parents worry and ask, why does my toddler vomit when he cries? Is your kid … Read more

Why does my toddler use my finger to point?

Baby points on a computer screen to her mom

Pointing is a very important developmental milestone for your baby. Some toddlers point independently toward things and some need their parent’s fingers to point to specific things they need. So Parents may think ” why does my toddler use my finger to point? I consider this pointing to a huge milestone in your baby’s development. … Read more

Developmental milestones 2 years-Trac your kid’s development

Beautiful kid's activities with papers and crayons

Developmental milestones are quick and easy ways to check on the developmental progress of your child. But they are not predictive of your child’s future. You can get a clear picture of your child’s growth by following age-appropriate developmental milestones 2 years checklists. Remember, your child, like every child, is one-of-a-kind. not like any other. … Read more

Why does my baby keep doing downward dog? The best review

baby downward dog yoga position

Why does my baby keep doing downward dog posture frequently, the little bunny is growing very rapidly in his early childhood development. With time he/she realizes that he has more to explore in this world. These include the main milestones of toddler development milestones. Children are discovering new things about themselves and those around them. … Read more

Why won’t my baby mimic?

Adorable baby plays with toys

Why won’t my baby mimic? Mimicking is the way somebody is copying other people’s way of speaking and moving in order to laugh. So babies are also trying to imitate their mom’s and other people’s words, body language, and actions in many ways. It is so funny for other people because babies are so cute … Read more

Why does my baby only roll one way?

cute baby and mother sleep tightly

Rolling over is an exciting experience for both mom and baby. But some babies are having difficulty in achieving this developmental milestone. Why does a baby only roll one way? is a problem for parents Rolling over includes rolling from back to tummy or tummy to back? Also from left to right and right to … Read more

Why does my baby jump on her toes?

Baby is on toe walking

Baby toes are cute little flower buds. Did you notice they randomly clench and unclench toe while they are walking? This is actually a normal part of infant development. Still, the parents are asking, why does my baby jump on her toes? After the clumsy stage of learning to walk most babies develop a new … Read more