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Hi everyone and welcome to mybabycaresolutions.com. I am chinthaka.

This may be a simple step toward making a giant business in the field of baby care and child development.

We will provide you with reliable and practical guidance in managing your child softly and productively same as our competing colleagues

I made my mission to provide you all a sound understanding of newborn baby care and how you can deal with all sorts of problems and a basic guide in managing your newborn baby, infant, toddler, pre-schooler, schooler, and teens

I am professionally an occupational therapist and an entrepreneur.

Also, I am working on various child development programs related to various problems with having children.

I have more than 12 years of experience as an occupational therapist.

I am working related to pediatric therapy care services for toddlers, preschoolers, schoolers, and teenagers.

I work with various age categories such as 0-1 year,1-3 years,3-5 years 5-10 years, and teens.

As a professional, I am dealing with children with various difficulties such as sensory processing difficulties, speech difficulties, developmental delays, behavioral issues, and so on.

As knowing all these problematic areas of a child I can provide a good service and various kinds of product recommendations in the market to facilitate their day-to-day life.

So my goal is to create a more healthy and efficient parenting platform for mothers, family members, caregivers, and so on.

As a professional, I have a responsibility to restore reliability within your life

As a professional and an entrepreneur related to this baby care and child development field.

I always try to update my knowledge regarding new inventions, new products, scientific advancements, and introduction of the commercial products and services.

Through this website, we wish to solve various problems of activities of daily living of children such as eating, drinking, grooming, potty training, playing, social relationships, behavior, academic skills, gait problems, etc.

we provide various articles, videos, and supplementary handouts regarding the child are development related to various neurodevelopmental conditions and various pediatric conditions.

Also, we focus on your well-being within your pregnancy, your infant,  toddler, pre-schooler, schooler, and teenager.

We try hard to provide our expertise by providing guidance, parenting tips, therapeutically management tips, facts about new products and services.

Most expert content regarding the child care and child development field enhance your knowledge and upgrade your confidence in parenting.

If you are concerned about our products and service reviews you can get a very clear view and relevancy of those products to you and your kids.

That will save you money, and time and will build up your self-confidence when you are about to purchase.

we categorize the age limits of your kid then you can have clear separate details and facts about your child.

My little story as a professional and service provider ultimately turned into the founder of mybabycaresolutions.com

As an Occupational therapist, I have come across various standard child development programs and some associated conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity, sensory processing disorder, learning difficulties.

Also I can offer expert guideness about motor, sensory and behavioral problems as well.

With these areas, parents need various support in doing this. So through this website, we wish to help to overcome the problems and barriers and so on.

When you are at your pregnancy, we,mybabycaresolutions.com will guide and secure you with very tactful and reliable details and sources.

In the modern-day world, most first-time parents are being misguided by various details online and they have a problem with the reliability of the facts available all over.

So, if you touch with us we ensure a more reliable and healthy relationship with you.

The goal of this web site

logo of the website

Our ultimate goal from this website is to find solutions for parents and families in child care and development with modern-day products and services in the market.

we try our best to provide valuable and reliable information for you to update your knowledge.

In the modern online commercial world, there are thousands of products and services that may complicate your purchasing decisions.

So, you may be in a dilemma about when to buy, what to buy, where to buy, and hundreds of problems.

Follow mybabycaresolutions.com, we assure your reliability with us with regard to this field. In another sense, it will make your life more comfortable and up-to-date.

Keep in touch with us. We provide the added value and the respect you expect in this busy modern world.

All the best,


founder of baby care solutions

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  1. Hello Chinthaka,

    Nice to meet you here. Your Niche about baby care solution is a wonderful one. Today’s children’s needs are too famous. Continue the job. I have learned that you are an occupational therapist it’s a big helped. I wish you keep going and more success in your online business.

    All the best,


    • Hi Joyce
      Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. I hope you will keep in touch with me.let’s together to discuss and share our views.keep in touch with us that we will support any of your needs.

      kind regards

  2. As parents we have to study and monitor how our kids eat so when there’s a problem we would know immediately. Thanks for revealing so much about the various oral mouth exercises for toddlers. That was really informative. My kids already loves vibrating toothbrush lo so I think she would love that.


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