Cup-drinking among kids- An essential skill to master

How can I practice my toddler with the cup? This article is about the cup-drinking among kids.  How parents can teach their kids to get their toddlers on a cup.

It is sometimes a tricky milestone to transition from the breast, bottle, or sippy cup to a big kid cup. So switching to an open cup is a gradual training procedure.

Most of the time they are disappointed. Is it still a problem for you to get your little one to join the cup club? Most of the time the parents may have a problem with their baby’s membership in the cup club.

It means they are not taking the cup to drink even though they are passing the correct age.

To get the confident feeling of the cup drinking is not your baby’s idea. Parents should be practiced with their baby constantly. Then they will get adapted to the new skill and will master that very well. 

Actually, this is a unique ability or a skill that should master by your kid. So parents should be given them an opportunity to practice that skill very well.

Your kid will take the cup eventually. But he needs to have a chance to practice that skill very well and then permanently can stick to cup drinking very well later.

The actual timing for introducing an open cup-drinking among kids

There is no actual timing to during with an open cup with no lid for a baby. I said earlier that it is a tricky milestone and babies take theirown time period to master the skill.

Most toddlers aged 16-17 months of age achieve their motor control to drink with an open cup.

But a dribble-free attempt can result in adequate practice. So I propose for the parents to start practice sessions with dribbling between 6-12 months of age.

So you can see that most kids can take small sips of an open cup at 6 months of age and master the skill at nearly 12 months.

You can divert into an open cup directly from the breast or the bottle. But Dr.Dad recommends you start this transition through a sippy cup. So it is totally a parent’s preference.

Some experts suggest that you can directly start the open cup right from the start. But if you need to ease the procedure with a spill-proof cup, it will be much more peaceful when considering the safe feeding technique for your baby.

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Practice the proper way of cup drinking

1. From the beginning stop passing the cup for a few days. Parents don’t even bring up the cup into toddlers’ eyesight. This activity will allow your kids a fresh start to watch become a stale campaign.

2. Parents should allow their babies to handle glass cups today. It means if they make a grab for the parent’s juice glass they are what bottle by all means let them have a supervised sip.

Some kids like to buy the baby stuff and move right on to adult drinking equipment. If anything is breakable or spillable needs adult supervision.

3. Go shopping with your toddler together. I know it is very hard for parents shopping with their kids most of the time. But this time you need to do a shopping round with your baby.

Parents need to let their babies pick out a new set of cups. Eventually, that will help them with the sense of control they crave.

Parents should show a few cups at a time and allow them to select their favorite cup. Also, parents can provide several styles of cups for their babies with handles or without handles and with the straw without straw.

A parent should never underestimate the power of cute characters or magical gimmicks like the cups that change colors.

4. The parents can arrange a cup play date. They can let their kids, at least try them sIpping from it. You can show them how they can use the cups to feed the dolls while they are playing.

So the parents can demonstrate how to sip from the kid’s toy cups. By using these types of simple tricks the parents can ignite typically territorial reactions in their toddler. Finally, the toddler may be clamoring to drink from their “my cup”.

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Babies need little extra water at the same time they start to take solid foods. this may be 1-2 ounces per day. Water is the main drink in addition to breast milk or regular bottle feedings.

This is the time they are learning the skill of drinking with an open cup. Some parents skip the sippy cup and directly transit to the open cup. another category will master the open cup usage skill via the sippy cup.

Normally at the age of 6-12 months, babies pass this milestone and get used to open-cup drinking. Dear parents, I can’t assure you of the correct timing for this milestone as baby development is an independent procedure from baby to baby.

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