Things to avoid when trying to get pregnant

Trying to conceive is a starting point of a life event. You have essential things to avoid when trying to get pregnant. So it is better for you to prepare for that early. If you think that your HCG test needs to be positive within this month you need to do few things early. You better track your cycle, get adequate prenatal vitamins, add a healthy diet every day and skimp on sex more and more. It is better to educate about new life habits with your partners.

 Do everything possible to make your pathway into a proper track in getting pregnant. Concern the following list that you should not do when you get ready to get pregnant.


1. Gain or lose a lot of weight-Among the main things to avoid when trying to get pregnant


Weighing too much as well as losing weight too much lowers the chances of becoming pregnant. This causes for having irregular menstrual cycles. If you don’t have a period every month your ovaries don’t release eggs. Without eggs, you don’t have a chance to pregnant. So realize, maintain proper weight levels is an essential thing.

The hormone levels fluctuate due to weight changes. Pay your attention to the following disadvantages of obesity

  • Diabetic type only happens in pregnancy ( gestational diabetes )
  • Miscarriage
  • A baby with high birth weight and certain birth defects of the child.
  • suggest a healthy body weight for you to have a safe pregnancy.

Medical experts suggest a body mass index between 18 and 27.


2. Overdo exercises

Vigorous exercises cause hormone levels to change awkwardly. The extreme exercises shorten the amount of time taken to get conceive. So moderate exercises help to take less time to conceive. Heavy workouts with high intensity cause severe weight loss and shifting the hormone levels and it is so hard for your ovaries to make or release eggs. Ultimately you have to experience irregular or missed periods.

Aerobics, swimming, biking, or intense running are one of those intense exercises we mentioned above.

3.Smoking and too much alcohol

Tobacco is extremely unhealthy for pregnancy. Smoking damages your ovaries and reduces the production of eggs. So the fewer eggs you make, the less likely you will get pregnant. So tell your husband to stop smoking as well. as passive smoking also gets you harmful effects and lowers their sperm count those sperm can’t swim faster.

If you are already smoking, the habit may cause changes in the reproductive organs of your baby. That will lead your kids to make babies later in life

More than ten cigarettes a day will lower your capacity to get pregnant. Finally, you may experience ectopic pregnancies ( pregnancy outside the womb ). These Ectopics won’t lead to a baby.

Skip all alcohol consumption if you plan to get pregnant. The researchers point out more than two drinks a day decreases the fertility rate. This also increases the time it takes for a couple to conceive. So drink occasionally if you are trying a baby. Also, avoid drinking altogether. Ultimately no amount is safe once you have a baby in your womb.

There is no safe level or amount in the safe zone for alcohol for the pregnancy. If you are getting fertility treatments, your chances are very low of getting pregnant with alcohol.

4.Stress and mental imbalance

Try to refrain from all the daily stresses in life. If you are passing a harder stressful time in life, this is not the suitable time to get pregnant. Prolong stress periods will lead to shifts in hormonal levels. These changes are affecting ovulation and fertility. You need to discuss coping strategies with your doctors. Yoga, meditation, and relaxation exercises will relieve your pain of stress and it creates a suitable atmosphere for pregnancy

This is especially important if you’re being treated for conditions like seizures, depression, or high blood pressure. For example, if you stop seizure medicine and have one while you’re pregnant, you could starve the baby of oxygen.

Work with your doctor to come up with a treatment plan that’s safe for both of you. They may need to change your medicine or dose. If you’re taking an antidepressant that’s working, you may be able to safely stay on it during pregnancy.

5.Stop taking your medications.

This is kind advice from me from need to stop all your medications before getting pregnant. you need to thoroughly follow your medical instruction in doing this. Quitting some medications may be dangerous to both of you most of the time.

Sometimes you are taking drugs or seizures, diabetes, depression or mental illness, high blood pressure, etc. These medications are very much essential for your daily lifestyle and wellbeing. So consult your doctor regarding the specific medication with the pregnancy.

Things to avoid when trying to get pregnant is important.

6.Stop taking illegal drugs

This is something related to street drugs. These drugs may harm you and your baby when you are pregnant. Your baby’s tiny organs are forming at this time. So drugs will affect the growth of your baby. So stop taking those illicit items the first time you think of pregnancy. You may need counseling or psychological treatments to do this task very effectively. So plan your new life event. all the responsibility is in your hand.

Plan this thing for a fair amount of time as it takes time to clear your bloodstream from the substances. Encourage your partner as well. Kick all those bad habits.

7.Avoid excessive caffeine.

Here you need to cut down your number of cups only. It doesn’t say that you need to completely cut your morning pick up. The advice based on the research is that two or fewer cups for each day is suitable. Five cups or more for each day is associated with decreased fertility.

If you are already pregnant, research shows to drink caffeine not more than 200mg per day ( two cups ). This will help you to prevent the risk of miscarriage.

Amount of caffeine included in various levels in different types of coffee brands.Eg- Starbucks coffee contains more coffee than the others. Also, certain energy drinks also have caffeine.

8.Stop getting all your vaccines

Be sure to make sure all vaccines are up to date as soon as you decide to get pregnant. Here if you need to get a vaccine you need to get it more than a month before you conceive.

There Are specific lists of these drugs.

  • Rubella
  • Varicella
  • Hepatitis


When a couple decides to get ready for starting a family, concern about the important things to avoid when trying to get pregnant. Meet your doctor and read more about it. The main thing is to make a balanced mental state. Good habit installation is another key step in doing this.

Many believe that conceiving is a simple thing to do. But if you are trying for it sometime, It is better to repair it according to the given advice. stop whatever the birth control and follow medical assistance if needed. It will be easy if you plan your journey towards having a baby.

Speak with your partner. Share your fears if exists. See an obstetrician or a therapist if you are having problems getting pregnant. Congratulations on the new life event

It is a bit diffuclt to have speedy conception for some people.some people need to plan it to minimize the post complications and make that life event more happier.So above mention factswill guide you.

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