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Expectations in life are an awesome thing. You have simple and happier things to do during early pregnancy. So congratulations on your one-week pregnancy. But one-week pregnancy is not pregnant at all. Normally your medical professionals may count your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. But this is a very difficult thing to predict. Because ovulation and conception do not occur at the same time most of the time. You can concentrate on your physical signs of the menstrual cycle to get a clear idea.

Your pregnancy depends on the length of the menstrual cycle, you can’t say you are pregnant until one or two weeks from your conceivement. That is the reason you have already passed 3 to 4 weeks of your pregnancy by the time you get to know what you are expecting.

So your obstetrician ( OB ) will give you the actual estimation of your pregnancy. So be cautious until your first prenatal appointment with an OB.

Symptoms of first week pregnancy

As we said earlier, it is difficult to spot your pregnancy at the beginning.1 st week is a very early stage. So at the time, you get your doctor’s confirmation of your pregnancy at your parental clinic visit, so you may pass the 4th week most of the time. But here we assume that you were able to spot your pregnancy time accurately. So try to compare with the symptoms of pregnancy passing 1 st week.

Most of the time 1st-week symptoms may persist with you for more than  2 to 7 days but you may not actually be pregnant. But a strong confirmation is about to do with your OB, If these symptoms are present,

  • Cramps of abdomen and lower back extending to lower back pain
  • Abdomen ache
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Light bleeding-When the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall it breaks the blood vessels of the uterine.So this light bleeding occurs.
  • Belly is bloating due to hormone fluctuations.This happens right before and during your periods.
  • Menstrual migraine along with severe headache.You can do relaxation exercises with breathing and use a few ice packs.later you can take pain relievers if you need.
  • Emotional changes are there with irritable feelings.
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Pelvic cramps
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Food cravings
  • A heightened sense of smell

Not all these symptoms are unique and they may differ. Early symptoms do not cause noticeable symptoms most of the time.

You are not actually pregnant at 1 st weekFew things to do during early pregnancy 

pregnant couple during their early stage in pregnancy.they need to concern the things to do during early pregnancy well.

Let’s find the answer to this. Here your body releases the last month’s uterine lining and this is the starting time of the newly formed inner uterine lining. If this newly formed lining will hold the newly fertilized egg, THE HAPPY NEWS COMES THERE. It confirms your pregnancy.

Most of the time your body will release one or two eggs in between the 10 -19th days of your cycle. It means just 14 days before your next period. The fertilization is surely happening after 12-14 hours. If you can catch this time frame to have sex. you have a chance to pregnant. Having sex even before is helpful as the lifespan of your sperm is more than 6 days inside your body.

The first signs of pregnancy won’t appear instantly. Mostly many women pass their 4th week of pregnancy at the time they miss their periods with different body feelings.

But if you want to know the exact symptoms of the 1st-week pregnancy and it will come with 

  • Tenderness of the breast
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urge to pee

You need to maintain a healthy weight and try to give up smoking and drinking. So then, it is high time for pregnancy. Reduce your coffee intake and try to add fresh water instead of that.

If you are trying to conceive for a long time, Your fertility treatments are essential which your OB is prescribed. Dear parents, try to feel a wonderful feeling! Ultimately you have become parents and you’ve got a baby to make.

When to take the pregnancy test

This pregnancy test measures the amount of HCG hormone ( human gonadotropic hormone ) in the uterine. Simply say the HCG test.

This HCG  hormone is only present when the person is pregnant. As the conceived egg grows more and more into the embryo, cells surround it forms the placenta. Later that placenta produces the HCG. 

Planned parenthood is the situation in which is best to take the HCG test. It should be done as soon as after the missed period. As early as 10days after someone has had sex without contraception the pregnancy test is most likely positive. It typically takes three weeks to present enough HCG in the uterine.

The home pregnancy test is 99% accurate and can easily do at the home. When you take a pregnancy test negative you may have done that before 1 week after the missed period even if you are pregnant. So be cautious about the time period.

Also, blood tests can determine whether you are pregnant. The test counts the presence of HCG hormone in the blood. The results may take 48 hours to be released from the lab.

Your baby’s growth at first week

In this period your ovaries prepare new eggs after 3-7 days of menstruation. The eggs are supposed to be released at ovulation. Meanwhile, the lining of the uterus begins to thicken to accept the eggs after it fertilized. If everything happens very well, you will conceive around week-1.

That is the start of an eventful life journey.

What should you doThings to do during early pregnancy

Hi, congratulations on your new life event. Get prepared for that.

Start with a positive mindset – First thing among the things to do during early prgnancy

Start with a sound, positive mindset. You need to prepare your mind and body. Hormone changes, stress, anxiety, and normal routines of your daily life. Keep them well as you need to prepare your mind. Those things affect your mental state and that will impact your pregnancy.

Rest is very important. You better identify your social community around you and get support and affection from them.

Healthy lifestyle habbits – Essential things to do during early pregnancy

When you are trying to conceive, the best thing is to avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Avoid these bad habits totally and prepare for the new life event, considering it as a blessing. Those unhealthy habits may lead to affect your baby and can lead to genetic disorders, respiratory problems, low birth weight, fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.

Concern your nutrition and take folate ( vitamin B 9 ) 

The natural form of vitamin B9 is found in foods such as folate. Folate is essential in pregnancy for the development of a growing baby.

Make a note that you can’t complete your all folate intake through foods at the pregnancy time. So get your OB’S  opinion and take prenatal vitamin products to get an excess folate amount as a synthetic supplement.

The folic acid supplement will prevent congenital disorders like cleft lip and palate and neural tube defects such as spina bifida

So take your folic acid as a part of your daily multivitamin intake.


It might seem like not much on during week one. But be organized for things to do during early pregnancy week one. Convert this as an eventful and blessing time period for your growing family. Trac your symptoms and minimize discomforts during this time. Your positive mindset is the key. Switch into good lifestyle habits with a good nutritious diet. Consult your obstetrician and get additional supplements as prescribed.

Pregnancy symptoms may differ from person to person. Symptoms of the first week are missed most of the time. Some present only a headache in the first week some have no symptoms at all. Irrespective of presenting symptoms, the best way to identify pregnancy is to do a pregnancy test.

so congratulations on your eventful life journey.

Ovulation and conception do not occur at the same time.
If the newly formed lining of the uterus hold a fertilized egg.The happy news comes there. It confirms your pregnancy.


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  1. Pregnancy is always a delicate stage for any woman. I remember when my sister was pregnant. She was bleeding on the first month and didn’t think that she was expecting. However, when her breasts became hard, she started to suspect something. And when she consulted the doctor, she was positive. And I agree with the healthy lifestyle. I saw many pregnant friends of mine havins healthy lifestyles before and during their pregnancy. And they delivered very healthy babies.


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