What is good-Breast milk or Formula

Children are our life’s blessing. Raising them with breast milk or formula is your very first question as first parents.

Here I say, raising a child is an art. Even if you have an infant, toddler, pre-schooler, or schooler the responsibility is the same.

Feeding strategies are very important in child development. With the newly advancing science and technology, you can facilitate this task with various equipment and strategies.

When feeding, your child’s safety is paramount important. When it applies to infant and toddler feeding strategies, a mother is responsible for an effective feeding approach.

Guide for formula or breast milk feeding

Things to consider in feeding

  • Frequent feedings
  • Night feeds
  • Alert constantly to your babies and toddlers
  • Changing nappies,
  • Changing child sleeping patterns,

Baby sleeping postures are things that should concern you more. Sometimes mothers suffer from post-partum depression.

So, in those instances, additional care and support are needed.

Also, some neuro-developmental illnesses such as autism, hyperactivity, and related to autism spectrum disorder kids are having a series of oral mouth problems.

Some of those are hypersensitivity, behavioral issues, food pocketing, gagging, drooling, weak oral muscles, etc.

So these kids need various assistance with techniques taught by occupational and speech therapists to succeed in their feeding strategies.

The infant feeding strategies take key importance because until six months they are allowed to give breast milk only. Breast milk will directly enhance the immune system and organs.

Breast milk vs formula

Breast milk takes vital importance because it contains all nutrients and the right balance. You should not introduce any food item apart from breast milk until your baby reaches his/her first six months.

With breast milk child’s organs and immune system develop well. Breast milk has antibodies to attack viruses and infections. In some instances, we have to introduce alternatives[formula] instead of breastfeeding.

WHO also agrees that breastfeeding is more advisable for a newborn up to two years old. It is safe breastfeeding your baby when you have a contagious illness.

For common illnesses like cold or flu, most pediatricians recommend breast milk.

Even mastitis [infections into the breast] doesn’t pose any risk to the baby. If a baby gets sick, it will load milk with antibodies and fat to help to fight the body’s illness.

BREAST MILK IS MORE THAN FOOD. It is potent medicine, and also a powerful communication tool between mother and baby.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding may not be possible for all women. Then infant formula is a healthy alternative.

A lot of equipment and tools are being developed to facilitate formula feeding to infants. This formula milk provides babies with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Important feeding tips for babies

Identification of solid foods

Babies can give solid foods at to age of six months. Sometimes suit four months of age. The babies show lots of signs and symptoms of needing to give solid foods.

Signs that the baby needs solid food

  • The child sits up straight and heads upright
  • Even after drinking milk frequently, the child shows signs he/she is hungry
  • At the time baby loses the tongue thrust reflex and automatically stops pushing foods out of to mouth
  • When a child begins to gain weight While introducing solid foods though you need to be careful. Weaning away from breast milk should be done carefully as well. Observe the way your child feeds.
  • When you introduce your baby to solid foods, he/she may still prefer milk more than new foods. So it should be a gradual procedure.
signs that baby needs solid foods

However, there will be the exact time that will develop more appetite for other foods than milk.

When that time comes, you can slowly wean your baby off to milk and let him/her eat other foods.

You may also notice that your baby has lost interest in breast milk even when you think that he/she still needs to breastfeed some more.

Things baby can take for solid food preparation

There are various aims for baby food preparations and feeding when Introducing special solid food. We can take well-cooked pure vegetables, carrots, squash, and sweet potato-like foods to introduce to your infant.

These basic solid foods and pureed fruits like bananas, avocados, and mangoes can also be introduced.

Pureed meat, beef, chicken, pork, pureed tofu, cereals such as oats, and barley, a small amount of unsaturated yogurt, crushed nuts, and almond paste, you can substitute if possible.

Beautiful mom feeds baby
  • Give one solid food at a time. Don’t mix like a serial. Give 2,3 times before adding another.
  • Try teaspoons first and then go to tablespoons
  • Don’t use sugar or salt.
  • Don’t give higher nutrients foods such as spinach, beets, green beans, squash, carrots, etc.
  • Always wash peel fruits and vegetable cows milk don’t add solid food preparation before one year.
  • Feed all foods with a spoon.
  • Avoid clean food syndrome. Don’t force your child to eat all food.

You can use this food preparation kit for making your baby’s solid food easily and safely. Now you can check out it on Amazon.com

Foods need to be avoided.

  • The high percentage of fatty foods
  • Processed sugar
  • Salt or sugar in the baby’s food should be avoided until at least the baby is one year old.
  • A large chunk of foods should also be avoided

Some illnesses and conditions of children causing baby feeding – Breast milk or the formula

Neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism or autism spectrum disorder are the main condition among these.

In addition to that, sensory processing disorders, and behavioral conditions are also associated with the feeding of babies and children.

Sometimes children are not happy with food textures, smell, color, taste, and such things. Finally, they refuse food. Sensory issues are mainly causing this.

So it is advisable to get a pediatric consultant’s opinion or direct the child to a professional therapist to address these issues. Also, it is a must for parents to get professional guidance.

If not these lead to other health issues for children such as developmental problems, cognitive and social development, and various other psychological problems.


If your child cries continuously, sleeps too much, has trouble breathing, vomits, frequently passes urine, and has fever-like difficulties associated with introducing foods, you have to call a pediatrician.

With that professional guidance, parents can re-correct the most problematic areas in baby care feeding. This time you can find new scientific innovations, products, and services to make this attempt a success.

Here you can experience feeding utensils, baby feeding products, newly introduced scientific protocols of treatment, pharmaceutical products, and other various healthcare products.

All these facts and knowledge are in your hands in this modern world. So we hope that you use the best brains to identify to ideal and suitable thing for your requirement.

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