Baby Cribs-A Safest & Reliable Guide.

The baby cribs are infant bed or cot in British English and a crib or cradle in American English. We thought of providing baby cribs-best buying guide because a crib is an essential part of a newborn.

you can’t keep your eye on 24*7 your baby. But the safety of your baby knocks to your subconscious mind all the time. A baby crib attached with a smart baby monitor will give you great relief. A baby crib will provide you the peace of mind. Also, it will help you avoid accidental suffocation while parents sleep and swing their body parts around the baby. After 2011 all the crib products are compatible with the US consumer product safety Commission. The manufacture dates should be printed on the crib somewhere.

 It is illegal to manufacture and sell cribs and types of products will not meet new crib safety standards and the parents should not buy the cribs manufactured before that day.

Dear parents, this is a piece of very important news which shows the value of safety standards. So make sure, to follow relevant safety standards. The news is

After the implementation of American safety regulations in 2011, Considerably minimal infant injuries and deaths reported in the USA. Nowadays the parents in small apartments always try to select mini cribs that occupy less space than full-size patterns

These portable mini cribs are fine until they meet safety standards. Some babies grow out of the cribs very soon and they are ready to go to a toddler bed.

What is a crib

A specialized bed that resembles for infants and young children, we call it a crib. It has slat railings from all sides for protection purposes and to keep the baby in place. Choosing the correct crib for your family is a very important decision that affects your family for the next few years. So then try to convert it into a pleasant experience.

Dear parents, connect with and educate them about childcare and apply your insights at the proper place and time.

To keep your baby well secured and protected you need to select a crib with a stable frame and a relevant mattress with height adjustability. This special furniture should meet relevant safety standards to ensure optimum protection for the baby.

If you plan to run a nursery, the selection of a proper baby crib is vital, because the size and space will determine the other placements of furniture and where they go in the particular room.

So now you can understand how it is important to place the crib in a particular room. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends few guidelines for placing it in a room.

  • The crib should not keep close to the heat sources or radiators. Avoiding the baby’s sleeping area warm is vitally important.
  • The crib should place away from the direct sunlight. So don’t place it near the windows. Make sure the baby is not closed to any curtains or hanging stuff.
  • A crib with an attached baby monitor is a well-proven safety mechanism for your child

Dear Parents, Let’s consider all the criteria to select the best crib in the market which best suits your budget.

Features of a top baby crib


Babies quickly develop and can grow out of their standard baby crib before two years. As parents try to consider a crib you purchase with conversion options. To do that you should have an understanding of the baby crib converting kits.

Types of converting kits.

  • The rail for the kid’s bed
  • Converting materials
  • Converting kits can buy separately at a very low price in the market. So don’t try to spend a lot of money on new cribs with the growth of your kids.
  • Height adjustments and the mattress

You need to ask for 3-4 mattresses for the height adjustments when you buy a crib from the manufacturer. Because the child reaches the climbing stage you need to increase the height of the crib to ensure the protection of your child. So now you can understand the height adjustment is controlled by applying mattresses to the base of the crib. The quality of the mattresses consider here needs to use a fair amount of time.

Extra space

To store baby’s belongings like crib sheets, mattress pads, small trouser pillows, nursery items, and other day-to-day needs. So consider this built-in space when you buy a crib.

You can select this drawer at the bottom of the crib or with a changing table built-in with the shelves.

Drop side cribs are not safety enough

If you plan to use a drop-side crib for your child then never try to reuse it for another child. Your child is much safer in a crib with stationary sides

Single drop side cribs

These cribs are single falling side cribs. A small area of the crib’s side lets you lower instead of the full side. It reduces the safety hazard of than of the full side. Also, we can get the baby easily out of the crib in this method.

Mattress height

Full-sized cribs have a minimum of two mattresses. some have 3-4 to height adjustments. To prevent the baby from falling adjust the mattress support height to the lowest height point. The distance between the mattress support (in its lowest position) and the top of the crib rail should be at least 26 inches. 

Mattress supports

Most supports consist of metel railing or one board to do this function.These supports are adjustable than the mattress can be reised or lowered for the safety of the child.

Sides and railings

The crib sides are comprised of slat bars fitted into holes on its top and bottom. They are secured with one or two nails and with glue.These arrangements need safety standards.

Teathing rails and caster wheel

The accessories used with a crib

The mattress
– A firm, clean and well-fitting mattress should be used. It can lower the SIDS(Sudden infant death syndrome)

You can use a waterproof membrane in between the bedding and the mattress. It will prevent unconfined bed-wetting.

Bed sheets
– This prevents entanglement and the suffocation of the child. Use a short bed sheet to fit with the mattress tightly.

A sleep sack – To keep the baby warm.


Bumpers – These bumpers use to keep the child against the hard surfaces of the crib. A number of SIDS incidents are reported due to the bumpers. so the American Association of Pediatrics does not recommend bumpers

Mobiles – These musical toys use to soothe the baby to sleep. If the child is getting started to stand ( within 8-12 months ) these toys can keep away from the bed site.

Mirrors – These can use for entertain the child while they awake.

The baby monitor – It is an increasingly common thing to have a baby monitor nearby the crib.

Breathable mattress – These are now being recommended for safer infant sleep. When a baby is lying on its stomach, these mattresses are supporting them to breathe properly.

Factors to consider before buying a baby crib

The crib normally is very practical equipment as well as a safe item. That is the first thing to consider when selecting a crib. Also, if you consider the following tips will get you a good result.

1. Should use toxin-free materials to manufacture

You should see the manufacturing wood is solid wood and the finishing paint should be toxin-free materials. some woods have a lot of organic components ( VOCs ) and they spread toxic gases.

2. Safety certifications and other standards

3.Standard slat distance

This distance should 2 ⅜ inches. It means each slate should be no more than this distance. Otherwise, the baby’s legs and arms getting stuck between them. When you assemble the crib make sure to maintain the distance correctly in between the slats.

4. Architectural considers of the house or the nursery

5. As a parent you need to consider the available space, the duration you supposed to use the crib, and the pattern of the lifestyle ( if you supposed to travel with your family, style, material considerations ) cause to choose a crib

6. The crib is always with an adjustable mattress

7. The Dense foam mattress should not sag over the baby’s weight 

 8. Crib rails are 26 inches above the mattress level.

9. The mattress of the crib can periodically lower when the child grows

10. The head boards of the trip should not be decorative

  11. The corners of the crib are not having pointy embellishments

12. Don’t put bumpers with a crib they no longer make kids safer

13. If a crib slides side to side it means the crib might have put together  improperly

14. Screws,locks,nails should not anywhere in the crib

15. Cribs on wheels make sure they are locked in the tile or wood floor.


As the final thoughts we can emphasize that selecting a right baby crib is a huge and responsible decision to all dear parents. It is the best foundation for the nursery or your home. After selecting this, you can select gliders, dressers,changing tables and other varieties of furniture items to your place.

The safety issue is the first thing in selecting a crib. If you are not satisfied with the safety, it is advisable to change a safety first crib for your baby. The newly selected safety ensured the crib is very comfortable for your kid. It should be long-lasting. It should facilitate well with the growth time of the baby.

The price is another considerable thing in selecting a crib,As every ones can not afford the best convertible cribs.

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  3. Awwh…I love babies. Baby cribs are a must my kids, my little nephew almost had a serious injury when he rolled off his parents bed. We had to go to different hospitals to get him treated, he is not directly my baby but that experience was heart wrenching for me. Hence baby cribs is a must for my kids. Thank  you for this enlightenment. 

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