Handling techniques for your baby

Mom carries her baby away from the crib

The handling techniques are mainly designed to teach how to handle a baby correctly. Babies can have a proper understanding of their bodies and they can adjust to it if the parents and caregivers pick up and carry the baby properly. Your infant doesn’t have proper body awareness from the beginning of their life. So … Read more

What is Cerebral Palsy

Adorable baby cuddlels in mom's hands

Cerebral palsy is a permanent but changing impairment of posture and movements. It results from lesions or anomalies of the brain in the early stages of its development. The most apparent problems are motor problems in cerebral palsy patients. But we can see a complex of associated issues mainly with perception. If a child needs … Read more

Explore their world with newborn baby words

children are playing happily

The only way a newborn communicates their ideas is by crying.  They are crying continuously to fulfill their primary needs. When it applies to a 6-month-old baby, they are at the beginning of their articulating sounds and comprehending a few words. Meantime newborn baby words start to express their frustration and happiness to their parents … Read more

Providing adequate sensory stimulation for 1-year-old baby

Baby boy with his family

This beautiful world is growing day by day. So you have to give a chance to your beautiful little children to exploit and create various learning opportunities to understand this world. When they try to explore this world, they need various types of skills. So they need physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development when understanding … Read more

Why does my toddler spin in circles?

baby girl shows spinning movements

Children do spinning, swinging, and rolling most of the time. Do most parents wonder whether, why does my toddler spin in circles? They gain movement experience through that. They can organize their nervous system and make it more mature. As an adult, you may dislike the feeling of spinning, but children fulfill their major sensory … Read more

Best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy.

vitamins and supplyments are essential in pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins for pregnancy are a trusted thing among moms, doctors, and experts. Doctors always try to prescribe those parental vitamins even before conception. So the prenatal vitamins have benefits and side effects. These prenatal vitamins are supplement types for the body. They are full of vitamins and minerals. Taking prenatal vitamins encourages your conception. … Read more

Things to avoid when trying to get pregnant

pregnant lady in early pregnancy has to follow things to avoid when trying to get pregnant

Trying to conceive is a starting point of a life event. You have essential things to avoid when trying to get pregnant. So it is better for you to prepare for that early. If you think that your HCG test needs to be positive within this month you need to do few things early. You … Read more

Things to do during early pregnancy-week1

pregnancy week 1,ovulation and conception

Expectations in life are an awesome thing. You have simple and happier things to do during early pregnancy. So congratulations on your one-week pregnancy. But one-week pregnancy is not pregnant at all. Normally your medical professionals may count your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. But this is a very difficult thing … Read more

What is childhood development?

childhood development and development milestones are unique.

What is childhood development? child development is a long procedure. It starts from childbirth to the beginning of adulthood. Child development refers to the sequential development of physical, language, emotional, social, and cognitive areas. The child is totally dependent on their parents, carers, or guardians at the beginning. They run into total independence later. The … Read more

Daily routines with kids create good behavior

routines are a good behavioural strategy for kids

Daily routines with kids create good behaviors. This is a well-proven strategy among therapists dealing with kids. Routine life is a planned life. That is very much beneficial for all of us. No matter you are a child or an adult. But, It is special that your child needs a daily routine. Moving life needs … Read more