Introducing solid foods to a baby

mother feeds the baby

Introducing solid food to a baby takes a very important event in your baby’s life as well as your life as a parent. Because you need to answer why, when, what and how you should introduce solid foods to your baby. This article will provide you an in-depth insight regarding the matter. Read about the … Read more

Infant and toddler developmental milestones

children study at class room where lot of lot of milestones fulfilled

The child learns how to interact with society, communicate with society, solve problems during child development. Through play activities, they learn a lot in their early years and that is the main way of learning. Child development influences other features such as community engagement, play activities, genes, nutrition, health, and other physical activities. Growing physically … Read more

Few WHO guidelines for children under 5 years

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Main points Physical activities, sleeping for health and well-being and controlled screen-based sedentary activities are very much beneficial for a growing child under age 5. WHO specified the amount of time period that a child should occupy with the above-mentioned activities. So, we believe that parents should be aware of these specific time allocations for … Read more

1-Month old-Newborn Baby Development

beautiful new born baby

Newborn baby development may be varied as babies reach milestones on their own developmental timeline. This is one of the joyful time periods with your baby. All the time the baby is cuddling, sleeping, and feeding. Your child is learning a lot within this time period. So it is very important to spend more time … Read more

Breastfeeding attachment with your baby

Adorable baby attached with mom for breastfeeding

we can find two types of breastfeeding attachment. That is baby-led attachment and the mother-led attachment If you find good breast attachment you can ensure deep and regular sucking. Also, well-drained breasts are there with no breast pains and nipple damage. You can get more advice from your midwife, child, and family health nurse, or … Read more

Formula feeding for infants

mother bottle feed her adorable daughter

Babies have little trouble learning to suckle an artificial nipple. Formula feeding for infants may be a difficult task. So there may be a few problems for parents when teaching children formula feeding. Parents have little difficulty in the delivery end. These mutual skills should be established to achieve successful formula feeding.  So it takes … Read more

Play-based physical activities for children

cute baby girl plays with sand

Main areas to address in this article Everyday physical activities for children can be creatively mixed with play activities and converted into a meaningful everyday physical session Play activities enhance the emotional  well-being of your child The tummy time should be extended up to 30 to 40 minutes every day to help your baby’s growth … Read more

What causing childhood obesity.

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Childhood obesity is a major and very complex health issue in modern society. What causes childhood obesity is an answerable question that should divide into various subdivisions. Dear parents and caregivers, this valuable source is for you as this is a major burning issue in modern-day to day life. Both adults and children are sharing … Read more