Which baby age is the hardest?

A toddler is wearing a hat.

Parenting is not an easy task. it is a universally accepted truth. this multi-faceted endless procedure needs courage and dedication. some say infancy is the hardest. Others say toddlerhood. Many parents face challenges during preschool time. Most mothers say the new motherhood would be “chaotic”, “ tiring” and “stressful”. Some mothers said the first 12 … Read more

Why do baby eyebrows turn red when tired?

baby sleeps on her mom's shoulder

Do most parents worry that “why do baby eyebrows turn red when tired”? As parents, we need to catch our baby’s signs before they come too tired to sleep well. Actually, this is a brilliant Idea. All parents should early think about this very well especially when they first time parents. You should have the … Read more

How to put baby in lowered crib?

Most of the time parents find themselves struggling to put their baby in a lowered crib. But within a certain age category, It is essential to lower the crib to facilitate your kid to obtain various types of sensory and other needs. A low crib may be a hustle that you realized when you bought … Read more

Why does my toddler hump at night?

Adorable toddler is smiling

Humping in bed is a very common phenomenon among many kids. But many parents are caught absolutely of God when they see their tiny once suddenly running mock humping pillows and dolls sometimes mostly the other body parts. So they always ask “Why does my toddler hump at night? Most of the time your child … Read more

Why do baby crunch forward

why babies do crunches

Most babies are trying to do baby crunches every time they are in a semi-incline position such as a bouncy chair, newborn rocker, swing, or dare parent’s knees. Most parents tell us that the babies started to pull up like they are trying to sit up. Still, parents ask”why do babies crunch forward?” It looks … Read more

Why does my toddler scrunch his face?

baby scrunched his face

Interpreting the facial expressions of your baby is a skill. It says lots of things. Sometimes it shows that your baby is about to cry. They show a cheeky mischievous look. If your baby conveys a simple expression, that can have many messages for you. If the parents are unable to understand this they ask … Read more

Why does my baby hump my leg?

adorable cute baby

It is very common for your baby to hump things. They usually hump objects and things for various reasons. Parents have to find a good answer to, “why does my baby hump my leg? This normally happens regardless of their age. They usually hump things and objects. The main reason for this kind of humping … Read more

Why does my baby’s leg vibrate?

baby's tiny little beautiful feet

The odd shaky movements of your kids are varied. It extends from quivering chins to trembling hands and legs. These are various extra movement types that can present in early childhood. Those are completely harmless. Your baby will outgrow them with time. This is the simple and common answer for the question ” why does … Read more

Why does my toddler tense up and shaking

Adorable sleepy baby

The shaky movements of your kids are many kinds. Your toddler tense up and shaking due to few reasons. Sometimes these odd shaky movements can be quivering chins to trembling hands, a few jerky arm and leg gestures. Don’t worry. In most cases, these extra movements are completely normal and harmless. Your baby will surely … Read more

Why is my baby always looking up?

Sweet beautiful baby looks up

Babies have a lot to take in as they are brand new to this world. That is the exact answear to why is my baby always looking up? Their immature brain is developing, absorbing, and processing their new surroundings. This phenomenon is happening while their eyes are getting the ability to focus. Also, they get … Read more