How to help children cope with anxiety.

Family gatharing helps a lot to relieve children's anxiety.

Are you tired and extremely difficult to help children cope with anxiety? Anxiety among children is one of the important health challenges in the present day. A higher children population is experiencing clinical-level anxiety. Eventually, they reach adolescence and still suffer the same feelings of anxiety. These anxiety feelings or the feelings of worry won’t … Read more

What are behavioral problems in children?

father and a little boy emotionally get together

 What are the new strategies to help behavioral problems in children?  Encourage positive behavior patterns by giving good attention and appreciation tokens  Apply most appropriate behavioral strategies through observing your child What do you mean by behavior management You need to guide your child to make them a clear pathway to restore the appropriate ways to … Read more

When start potty training-Useful guide

An adorable baby smile

When start potty training for your toddler to take the seat on the potty? The answer is simple and maybe a happy answer to all of you as parents and caregivers. Children pick their potty training skills at their own speed. It is the same as other developmental achievements. Also, it does not correlate with … Read more

What is good-Breast milk or Formula

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Children are our life’s blessing. Raising them with breast milk or formula is your very first question as first parents. Here I say, raising a child is an art. Even if you have an infant, toddler, pre-schooler, or schooler the responsibility is the same. Feeding strategies are very important in child development. With the newly … Read more