Introducing solid foods to a baby

mother feeds the baby

Introducing solid food to a baby takes a very important event in your baby’s life as well as your life as a parent. Because you need to answer why, when, what and how you should introduce solid foods to your baby. This article will provide you an in-depth insight regarding the matter. Read about the … Read more

Infant and toddler developmental milestones

children study at class room where lot of lot of milestones fulfilled

The child learns how to interact with society, communicate with society, solve problems during child development. Through play activities, they learn a lot in their early years and that is the main way of learning. Child development influences other features such as community engagement, play activities, genes, nutrition, health, and other physical activities. Growing physically … Read more

Few WHO guidelines for your child under 5

Main points For the greatest health benefits among infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, WHO recommend basic three recommendations. Those three recommendations are physical activities, sedentary time, and the sleep time Sedentary screen time and restrained periods of kids can be replaced with various effective activities bringing additional health benefits. Physical activities, sleeping for health and well-being … Read more

Developmental milestones 2 year-Trac your kid’s development

Developmental milestones are quick and easy ways to check on the developmental progress of your child. But they are not predictive of your child’s future. But you can get a clear picture of your child’s growth by following age-appropriate developmental milestones 2-year checklists. Remember, your child, like every child, is one-of-a-kind. not like any other. … Read more

Play activities for pre-schoolers

We are spending a busy target-oriented hurried life. Most people don’t know the importance of play with their loving children. especially preschoolers. So play activities with preschoolers take vital importance. Our recommendation is to get an opportunity each and every day with your children. That play safeguards the purity of childhood and develops imagination and … Read more

Sensory problems of children and sensory processing disorder

Our sensory system comprises seven basic senses. that is vision, touch, taste, hearing, smell, balance, joint positioning [proprioception]. We all are processing these senses through our nervous system. That is mainly the central nervous system; the brain and the spinal cord. When the brain does not process these senses, it caused the sensory processing disorder … Read more

With autism spectrum disorder- stuck with early childhood development

Talking about children and their difficulties and is very much important for you all to categorize your child. It means which age category does your child belongs, If you are having an intent (. 0-12 months basically] or a toddler[1-3 year basically] or a preschooler [3-5 year basically]. So then you can think of … Read more