How do I extend the range of my baby monitor

The range of a baby monitor can be extended. Then how do I extend the range of my baby monitor? Most parents are asking about this.

The range is normally high in an audio baby monitor rather than a video baby monitor. In a large baby monitor, the range goes from 700-2000 feet. Distance between the parent unit and the camera unit is the main reason for the optimal range of a baby monitor. In addition to that, there are a few reasons are causing this. The audio monitor is the best monitor with the best range. If you have a WiFi baby monitor with a strong internet connection the distance range is not a big problem.

The baby monitor is a remarkable piece of equipment. You can see your baby even without monitoring them 24/7 physically. The baby monitors have two main parts. The transmitter and the receiver.

You can place the transmitter in the baby’s room. Some transmitter ends have baby tilt cameras that can operate from a remote distance.

There are some constraints with using the baby monitor has a limited signal. But if the distance increases you need a wider range. Normally the baby monitors equip with 900 MHz frequency signals. But if you need even more distance you need a power booster. Sometimes it is natural to have problems with signal interference.

The current baby monitors are made more advanced to get signals stronger and clearer. So it can pick signals from transmitters at a wider range and it is perfect for people living in a big house.

What are the factors causing reduced signal strength between the parent unit and the baby unit?

1. Normally you experience reduced signal strength if the viewer and the camera unit of the baby monitor are more apart.

2. If you get obstructing factors such as internal walls between the camera unit and the baby unit, you will get poor signal strength.

3. In addition to the home walls, the furniture arrangement, doors, and other architectural barriers of a home might interrupt the signal strength of a baby monitor.

Setting the remote mode of your baby monitor.

Setting up the remote mode of the baby monitor is very important. It enhances the capacity of connecting the home WiFi network and the device. After it will increase the connection between your viewer and the camera unit and provide good signal connectivity.

Also, remote mode additionally supports streaming live video through the viewer and your smartphone app.

If you need to get more good results, you can download the MVtech baby HD mobile app to your smartphone.

Your downloaded app creates a pathway between your Wi-Fi router and the mobile app and provides good internet connectivity to your HD monitor. This allows you to monitor and control your camera unit where ever you are.

Finally, if you connect your home WiFi network through your video monitor it automatically switches to the remote mode which provides a good signal strength.

Also, the parent unit of the monitor and the mobile app are viewing the camera unit simultaneously it automatically optimizes the video quality as well.

What is the range of a video monitor?

The video baby monitors don’t have a long-range most of the time. Most people are wondering what is the optimal range that the signals can be picked up properly. Sound monitors can work through as far as 900 ft.

The standard range of a baby monitor is 600-1000 feet according to the research. Some monitors can work through 5000 feet long.

If you noticed that particular baby monitor has 100 feet open space range of a monitor, I might actually have a 200-600 feet range in an actual setup. So make sure that the advertised ranges of the baby monitor products are not the actual ranges.

If your home is larger you need to pick a long-range that will not lose the connection with your baby from anywhere from your house.

A pregnant mom is expecting her baby.Selecting a monitor and how do i extend the range of my baby monitor  may be her concern
The baby monitor is an essential thing for your pregnancy aftercare

What do you expect from a long-range baby monitor?

According to the shinning research, I find that the best range of 700-2000 feet. Within this range, you can get optimal function through a long-range baby monitor. You can choose these long-range baby monitors

you can get both audio-only or audio-video baby monitors within this large range of baby monitors. You can add additional functionality such as long battery life, a two-way audio system, and an expanded range with these large baby monitors.

The two-way audio functionality allows you to speak to your baby and comfort them when they are crying.

You can win the distance battle if you connect a baby camera connected to the WiFi connection. With this WiFi baby monitor, we can access your WiFi baby monitor feed from anywhere in the world.

How to increase the distance range between the units

You can get the optimal range of the baby monitor by placing the WiFi router at the center of both units. Also makes sure to turn on the remote mode of the device if it is not automatically turned on.

You can use the WiFi baby monitor to increase the distance range between the units. So, the range will depend on the force of your internet connection. If you have a fast powerful internet facility broadcasting video images is not a big concern for you.


Most of the time, the range of the monitor is highly associated with the baby monitor. Parents need to get a constant connection between the baby and themselves through the baby monitor. So the signal strength should be maintained within the maximum range is the ultimate goal of the users.

There is a standard range of 600-1000 feet for the large range of baby monitors. So you need to think of the house’s surface area and the architectural barriers before you choose a baby monitor.

You can increase the range of the baby monitor basically by changing the position of two units that is a baby camera and a display unit.

Also, using a mobile app to view the parent end along with the monitor display unit also improves the range of the baby monitor.

The recommended age limit of the baby monitor is tested in the open space. So when you use it inside a home it may decrease in some percentage. So parents should concern about that before buying a baby monitor.

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