Toddler Safety measures at home

Until the toddler stage, most of the time the babies try to see their surrounding world mostly from the parent’s arms. But the toddler safety measures at home are important when they are beginning to get a look towards their surroundings on all fours? Here, toddler safety measures take vital importance to restore the safety of the 2-3-year-olds.

Go ahead and Check out safety concerns for 2-3-year-olds below. In this stage, you also need to get keen attention towards your baby. You also need to get down to the floor yourself and find out the multitudes of dangers that you may not have seen before and try to think of them as dangers.

As parents, it is more advisable for you all to examine everything 90cm or 3 feet above the floor. That is the usual range of your baby’s reach.

Toddler Safety measures at home when you build your home

To do this task effectively, you need to have a  thorough inspection and make a tour around your home or play area if your kid is just passing the toddler age limit.

A toddler climed on to a desk maintaining balance

Firstly you need to fix your Windows properly at your home and you need to fix window heights according to the manufacturer’s directions. Here, your baby can’t reach them as they were fixed above 15 CM and your baby can’t open them. In this situation, you need to keep away the movable climbing furniture away from the window site.

Putting curtains into the windows is the other aspect that you should be more and more concerned about and tie up the curtains, blinds, or cords at a height that the baby can not reach. Avoid the loops and don’t place the cots or playpens or chairs; the baby can’t climb onto them within reach of any chords.

Dear parents, think about the electrical cords and move them out of the reach. which Is very important in managing home having kids. keep them out of the reach where babies can’t mouth them. This will help to prevent the risk of electric shock or tugging at lamps or other heavy items down.

Another important item is electrical sockets. Try to cover them with socket coverings.

Yeah! You can place heavy furniture in front of them. Avoiding them probing the drooling fingers and getting an electric shock.

If you have kids in your home, think about your unstable furnishings. Concern about unstable chairs, tables, and other home furniture and your baby might pull it and it will topple on them

Think about bookcases and racks more and more. Those should fasten to the walls then the baby can not pull them down.

The painted surfaces are the places that are more vulnerable places for children to meet accidents. Parents! Make sure not to keep your child in wet painted or slippery areas.

We know that most parents are trying to decorate their home interiors by using various home plants. But we hereby note that, please keep them out of the baby’s reach and place them where the baby can not pull them. Make sure that all the plants are not poisonous.

In most of our homes, it is easily found the loose smaller knobs of the furniture. On some occasions, the babies are trying to swallow these small furniture parts. So please pay attention to these small particles of the furniture in your houses.

During the heating season, you need to put barriers around the radiators at your home. Then your kids can not reach into that.

Also, stairs are another place that the parents should pay attention to. You can put a gate at the top of the stairs and you can leave two to three steps from the bottom and put another gate preventing them from entering the staircase.

Constructing banisters and railings, make sure to keep the distance less than 10 cm in between balcony railings. If you feel that the gap is too far you can fix up the plexiglass or mesh barrier in between the railing

Dear parents, all these are practical hints that you can apply to the construction procedure of your home. Show the fireplaces, stoves, and heaters that should be constructed with protective grills and other barriers to prevent putting small fingers from hot surfaces of that particular equipment. 

Make a note that most of the time the grilles are causing second-degree burns in the fingers and hand. So try to unplug the heaters when you are not using them and try to stop them In possible stores where children can’t reach them.

Furniture based  safety measures and interior design at home

Talking about this special fact as parents you have to think about tablecloths. if the table cloth hangs over the tables and they are not properly anchored, you have to be concerned about that. In these situations please try to keep the baby off the floor when the clothes hanging over the tables

Also, glass top tables are the other thing that you need to concern much more about when a baby is running around your home interior. Try to put a heavy table pad in these situations so you can keep the children away from the tables.

Think more and more about the sharp edges and the corners of the tables. If your baby bumps into them try to cover those types of tables with cushioned over bumpy table cloths.

Always try to use non-skied backings with rugs. Then at the top of the stairs allowed them to remain rumpled.

To prevent tripping, repair all loose areas of the floor. Make concern about the floor tiles and the carpets.

The current carriers usually contain a variety of hazardous implements or poisonous substances. So try to lock those areas and keep the children away from them.

Dear parents, you should be careful with the following things if you have a child in your home. Ensure the following safety measures at home. Just take these simple steps and try to think of solutions when they appear hazardous.

Home safety measures in general

Toddler safety is very important as they are very mobile at this age limit.

  1. Sharp implements such as scissors, knives, letter openers, razors, and such kind of equipment.

2. Marbles, coins safety pins and such kind of swallowable notions smaller than 3.5 CM in diameter can be found frequently in various places of your house. Please be very keen on those tiny objects and try never to handle those with your children.

3. Keep away all pens, pencils, and other writing implements. those can be very dangerous as most of the children the fond of handling them

4. Sometimes children try to Place various bags over their faces. The life in plastic bags such as produce bags, dry cleaning bags, and packaging bags are taken by kids and put over their faces.

5. Toys meant for all the children and that belong to all the siblings generally should not be played with by the baby under 3

6. Cleaning materials, glass, other breakable things, jewelry, particular link beads which can be pulled apart, small items such as rings should be kept away from the children.

7. Shoe polish mud balls, perfumes, and all cosmetics, other kinds of toxic liquid materials should be kept away from the children.

8. Sometimes the babies are going to chalk on toy whistles. There can be many dangerous things that can happen with this equipment.

9. When the guests come into your house, try to keep their bags out of your Chinese fridge because they may contain toiletries, medications, or other items.

10. Small hard fingers such as nuts or racings popcorn or hard sweets that man left around the sweet dishes can we choke on you, little kids. uninflated balloons can be inhaled and choked

10. If you have toys or real guns, you should keep them in safe places.

11. Some drain cleaning products should be stored in a very protective place totally away from your child’s hands. These things are better not to have in your house at all.

12. The things that can tangle around your baby’s neck such as strings, chords, tape cassettes, etc. Should be kept away from your kids

Fire safety measures for your baby’s safeness

Take every corner of your house for a possible fire massage to be sure it can’t happen.

You need to be very responsible and make sure that your home is a safe area.

Start with the sleepwear of your child. Make sure that the children’s sleepwear meets safety standards for flame resistance.

After smoking at your home, dispose of all cigar or cigarette butts, pipe ashes, and used matches carefully and never leave where the baby can get at them.

Ensure your home is a safe area

Your home is a safe area. Don’t let anybody smoke in the bed or following asleep while sleeping on the sofa.

You should have a proper place at your home to keep lighters and boxes of matches. Then your children can’t reach them. Also don’t allow the accumulation of combustibles such as paints.

In modern days it is very common that you are using kerosene and other flammable liquids and other commercial products to remove various spots on the clothes. Making those kinds of habits at your home is not an advisable thing.

At your homes, children and adults are the people whom you have to pay more attention to. So don’t let anyone near the fireplace, wood-burning stove, candles, or heaters while wearing training sleeves, hanging shirttails.

If you use halogen bulbs at your home make sure to cover them with a safety shield. Also, check electric appliances and cords regularly for loose connections. Always try to use only 15 amp fuses. You should never substitute anything for a fuse.

You should avoid using space heaters when the children are in your house. You must place extinguishers in areas where the fire risk is greatest such as in the kitchen near the fireplace or wood-burning stoves in the garage.

When you are installing fire detectors, try to find out recommended by your local fire station. Check all those monthly whether they are in good condition and the batteries have not run down.

Always try to facilitate the escape. You should install the problem at selected upper flow Windows. You should pay attention to create devices and escape and practice with your family members, Then they will know how to get out safely e and quickly in an emergency and know where to meet other family members.

 Kitchen safety measures for your baby’s safety

Before taking the necessary steps to create a safer kitchen area, first of all, you need to have a tour around your house. Because the kitchen is the most intriguing place in the house for your newly mobile baby.

Firstly you should attach child guard letches into your kitchen drawers. By doing that, you can keep your child away from breaking glass items, hazardous cleaning compounds, medicine, and dangerous foodstuffs such as nuts and popcorn.

You can make a parent carbon for your children at home as they are exploring things frequently. Then they can enjoy it freely.

Keep the handles of the pots and pans at your home out of the baby’s reach.

toddler trying to climb a chair
Do a quick

Think about your curious babies more

Babies are more curious and open doors. So they can encounter numerous dangers including knives. So make sure to close all the doors of cupboards and other storage areas.

Don’t speak to your baby on account to talk near electrical appliances or be very keen on the types of equipment like toasters as the most of the children’s are trying to pop their fingers into them

Dear parents, you have to be very practical in working in the kitchen. You should not leave any kind of hot beverage bowl of soup or any other liquid at the edge of a table where your baby can reach easily. Also, You can keep the plastic bags out of reach of your kids.

Always try to use tightly covered containers to put the garbage and always try to avoid slippery floors.

You should empty the water buckets most frequently so you can prevent your toddler from tumbling in and drawing.

Follow safety rules in storing kitchen detergents, sourcing powders silver polished, and other cleaning items.

 Bathroom related safety measures for your baby’s safety

The kitchen and the bathroom are the other dangerous areas for your kids at home.

Keep all the medications in bathrooms away from your children such as mouthwashes, toothpaste, vitamins, hair products, and sprays. Never put cotton towel balls on the lower shelves of the bathroom closets and other drawers 

You should never put a hairdryer near your baby. Also, try not to blow dry your baby’s hair. You should never leave electrical appliances plugged in at your bathrooms when you are not there. Because your child might get a fatal electric shock when they are trying to handle those appliances

When not in use you should keep the toilet lid closed with suction cups and latch another device. Because most babies think that the bathroom is set as a mini swimming pool and they love to play inside the bathroom whenever they get a chance.

 Outdoor safety measures for your baby’s safety

Most of the injuries happen to the infants inside the houses. Also, few serious accidents can happen in outdoor areas. Never let an infant play outside alone. Even if the child is in a pushchair in playtime needs close attention continuously.

Make sure to feel the swimming pools and the other wading pools with a water catchment of a few CM s. Make sure the gates for doors to the pool are locked at all times.


Your baby is the most mobile person in your home. Also, they are very curious and always in the process of experimenting and get touching sensory experiences. So this type of behavior can create a hazardous environment for them.

As parents, it is your duty and responsibility for creating a safe and secure environment for your loving kids. I suggest various areas at your home which are more hazardous and need to pick your attention as much as possible. The living area, kitchen area, bathing area, outdoor area, are the few places you need to concern more to ensure safety.


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