Why does my toddler hate diaper changes?

Kids hate diaper changes most of the time. But at the eleven-month of age, all kids are ready for diaper changing. But if you still complain about that, why does my toddler hate diaper changes?

There are a few additional hints to consider for you to make the task successful with your kid.

Finally, changing diapers became the least favorite job for parents. It may be a difficult task with a squirming baby as well as with an independent toddler.

You need to think of ways of handling it when your toddler grows into a mobile.

Most parents torture their babies every morning to change their diapers due to a lack of understanding about this simple procedure.

Normally the kids have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another. So think about the actual reason for your kid when you are going to identify the problems in diaper changing

Don’t try to pick your child up and disrobe suddenly when they are busy with their toys. Because most kids don’t want an adult to disturb their playtime.

1. What are the odd behavior styles of your kid when diaper changing

Most parents get to experience a wrestling match when they try to change their baby’s diaper all the time. Most toddlers twist and turn both sides of their bodies.

They try to arch their back. They are starting to resist the whole time and won’t allow their moms anywhere near them.

No matter how messy and in need of a change they are. But you need to find out a way to win this wrestling match in a peaceful way. Ha…ha…

Meanwhile, try to address the things beneath these constant diaper-changing tantrums.

2. What reasons for hating diaper changes for your toddler?

Your toddler needs to be in control. But it is difficult to predict what a toddler is trying to control at a certain moment. If you misinterpret their behavior, they change suddenly without any warning sign.

The toddler may be totally OK with diaper changing one day but with time they are starting to run away, scream, and fight you over diaper changes.

Here your child is trying to send you a message and you need to understand it correctly. The following hints may awaken your insights. Keep reading dear parents.

“It hurts most of the time more than you think.”

There may be a problem with the child’s skin. It may be a rash. Hypersensitive areas may present. Sometimes a child is suffering from a UTI ( urinary tract infection ).

Sometimes diaper changes are painful experiences due to these unaddressed issues for your kids.

The main difficulty is that toddlers can not understand the treatment methods for the above mention problems and they will take those as another painful experience for them.

Do simply and carefully in cleaning and application of treatment products as you find as the only way to heal and prevent above mention problems.

Never let your kid keep an experience of a painful memory in diaper changing with your kid. So be creative and try to find a way to entertain your kid at the time of painful experience in treating rashes etc.

Don’t interrupt your busy toddler

You may have a problem with keeping a stinky diaper for a long time with your toddler. Because they are prone to diaper rash.

It may be fair for you to rush and change the diaper soon. But for your baby, it may be a harsh experience.

Also, activity transitioning problems of the toddlers aggravate the thing more and more. So don’t interrupt your busy toddler at once.

Let them play with their favorite toy, let them watch their favorite show, etc. I suggest my Smart My Baby Care parents, be a part of their kid’s activity and gradually try to enter the procedure.

Diaper changes are boring activities for active toddlers commonly.

Understand your child well. Toddlers with high energy won’t allow you for a few minutes even. They will squirm around and find something to do. In such situations try to find more physical activities for your kid, and let them be tired and calm.

Having problems with the cloth

Sometimes this may be a sensory problem. So try to look for the texture of the cloth material and do a little research on their preferred clothing.

If they are similar texture-wise, try to do a sensory profile for your kid by a professional like an occupational therapist or another medical person.

Find out sensory processing difficulty with your kid if they are having this type of problem with diaper changing.

The child may hungry or cold

Never try to change before feedings. Always feed your baby properly and interact with them gradually you start with changing.

Also, if you try changing with newborns you need to think about the temperature of the room. All newborns hate the cold experiences

Children who resist diaper changing in the morning are most likely trying to tell us, “I’m tired,” “Stop rushing me,” or “I’m not ready yet”

Adorable baby standing with the diaper

3. The problems associated with morning diaper changes

I have identified three major problems with changing diapers.

1. Pee-soaked lackey diapers

If you use too small diapers with less absorbent ability, you may come across this problem. So try to start trying a bigger diaper size as the first step.

Think of comfortable and absorbable inserts and change them into a new ones. It will soak up additional urine.

Dear moms, you need to calculate the liquid intake before bed. Think of ways of reducing the liquid intake and try to give it 2-3 hours before bed.

Try to fill the kid’s cup gradually with a small amount at night. You can engage in many activities with your kid at night and you can do this task easily at night. 

It is very easy for moms to have a baby with long sleep. So consider changing your kids while they are sleeping to keep them longer sleep time. If your child is a deep sleeper this may be an easy task.

2. The difficulty of making the transition of changing your baby

Never try to do forceful changing with your baby in the mornings. Simply wait for 15-20 minutes even if they are with soaked diapers.

Let your baby have some time to wake up. Try to start changing after realizing they are soaked indeed. Make sure to devote more time to changing and dressing your kid in the morning.

Be patient and more flexible during the process. You need to repair everything you need before changing.

This will enhance the efficiency of the activity. Avoid changing your kids abruptly or unexpectedly.

Think of the location of changing as some behaviors associated with preferred places for kids.

Try to distract your kid very minimally to prevent challenging behaviors of your kid during changing times.

Mothers can find out some positive distractions while doing the changes. By this method, you can convert the attention of the kid to a specific task for some time.

3. Not knowing how to make diaper changing more enjoyable

You need to speak with a fun and positive tone. Don’t try to rush through the task and it will negative sense to your kid. Let them truly enjoy the task in their own way. 

Dear parents, you can use positive language and fun music with showing silly and animated behaviors. Use your humor. Send a strong message to your kids that diaper changing is a fun activity.

Parents can assist their toddlers in the changing activity, This is a sound behavioral technique. Giving more control to your kid allows him to increase their independence.

You will markedly improve the interest and the co-operation of your kid by this method. Be patient. This is a gradual procedure.

With these simple but strong behavior control methods, your kid will understand that changing is an easy and fun thing to do.

It may take a few weeks to understand the concept and gain your trust. So sticking to the same routine is very important.

Sweet baby plays with bed linen

4. Final thoughts

Diaper changing is a harsh experience for most toddlers. Most parents have bad experiences doing this.

First, you need to understand the odd behavior pattern of your kid when changing.

Then try to understand the specific reasons for their frustration with that activity. Then try to address those ones by one.

Children are different. Not all of these above mention tips will not work for your baby. But try to apply these hacks randomly. Keep trying and keep consistency.

Finally, remember to celebrate the child’s success every time you got a calm and cooperative diaper change with them.

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