Daily routines with kids create good behavior

Daily routines with kids create good behaviors. This is a well-proven strategy among therapists dealing with kids. Routine life is a planned life. That is very much beneficial for all of us. No matter you are a child or an adult. But, It is special that your child needs a daily routine. Moving life needs a driving force. But our daily hassles in life are increasing. So it loses our focus. This phenomenon affects your little kids a lot. They can’t express their feelings and ideas appropriately most of the time. So their level of anxiety increases daily. It creates an awkward behavioral pattern in their life.


Supposing a healthy kid, they also can’t organize their daily life with the continuous lifestyle changing. Sometimes it is the home environment. Sometimes it is a school setting or to other educational settings. It may be their friends, peers, relatives, neighbors, or any kind of new experience. Increasing the cost of living creates a lot of problems for parents. Children need to adapt to their parent’s lifestyles.

Dear parents, our suggestion in this article is important. You should have a plan in managing your, children. It should combine with the life of your kids. So, decision-making is very important. If you can allocate your children to a definite routine, they can adapt to the continuous changes in normal life. Every decision-making is a planned thing.

I am with my team mybabycaresolutions suggest that you need to create a routined lifestyle pattern. That routine pattern should address all the daily living aspects. It should customize according to your infant baby, toddler,pre-schooler, or schooling kids.

 Importance of daily routines with kids

Daily routines with kids take an essential part in children having illnesses. Autism and related autism spectrum disorder is the major condition where routines are essential. The modern world is so complicated. Even a normal child is difficult to adapt to the quick changes of their living environment. We suggest not to reduce the chances of your lifestyle with kids. We suggest developing a unique lifestyle pattern with your kids. That specific pattern is applicable for any setup.

Plan a routine is a well-organized thing. You need to research your environment and the child’s needs. It should address the activities of daily living of your kid. There should be a unique way of fulfilling daily activities such as washing, brushing,toiletting, grooming, self-care, and leisure activities, and play. Meanwhile, the routine will help to grow the physical and emotional well-being of your kid.

Creating routines can structure the day. It helps your kid to understand what is going to happen next. So it makes their lives more predictable and comfortable. With routines and structures, children realize early what do they need to do. It leads to good behaviors too. Even if this is so harder, you need to create constant structures for your baby.

Steps of implementing routines

The routines help insulate your child from big and strange unexpected changes. For infants and babies, the routines add circadian rhythm to their lives. Dear parents, you need to apply routines methodically. Your physically immature babies are unable to follow the routines. But think of creative ways for infants and small babies to grow little habits that create a happy baby.

We here suggest four simple steps to start meaningful routines for your baby.

  • Identify an applicable routine
  • Explain that routine to the bay
  • Create opportunities to follow the routine
  • Use various consequences to grow.

Identify an applicable daily routine with your infant and toddler

The routine may be the morning routine, nighttime routine, evening feeding routine, preparation of the night sleep, etc. So this idea is to lay a foundation. This implementation of routines differs from the baby’s age limits. Your baby May 4-6 weeks of an infant, a baby of 3 months or so, a 7-month-old baby or toddler or pre-schooler.

Teaching daily routines with your kids aging 3-6 weeks old

You need to give very simple but steady cues to your infant daily. Because verbal communication is not practical with them. The baby will take that cues very slowly. They try to get adapt to those gradually. It is very important to apply the same cues with simple unique steps daily for a fair time period. As an example, let’s think about the nighttime routine of your 3-6 week infant.

You can repair the baby daily for his/her night routine with the same simple steps apply at the same time each day for a long period. Even if you don’t have a way to make them aware of the routine they get an idea about the ongoing routine with few cues. They convert it into a daily habit. That habit installation passes a message to their brain. The learning procedure of the routine happens like that

Think like this. Each night you dim light at the same time, give a warm bath with a wet towel, and feed them with milk. You can add a simple sleepsuit with the same texture of fabric each day. Finally, the child will follow the cues steadily and have an uninterrupted sleep very well.

Teaching daily routines with kids aging 7 months old

You can be tricky at this your kid’s age. They will follow instructions asking for tokens of appreciation. Try with the implementation of flexible routines. Your confidence and mental space organization as parents will help with this. Normally babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers love routines very well. They love what to expect and when to expect. Those expectations make them curious throughout the day. It improves their listening and behavior well.

The toddler routine practice depends on two things mainly. The wake-up time and the bedtime of your toddler govern their whole day’s activities. The other factors such as nap times, meal times, and school times are also contributing. Dear parents, observe above mention factors of the daily life of your kids. You can structure the day of your kids very well.

Daily routines with kids at bed time is very improtant in early childhood development.

Characteristics of daily routines with kids


A good routine has good characteristics. It should well be planned by one member of the family member. Each and every family members know their roles in the family. These roles are fair with sharing a set of responsibilities each one of them. So the family members can organize their lives with the children of that small family unit.

These routines take a major part of everyday life. It has a set of regular activities. The predictable things for children are highly available within those organized family routines. When things happen in the same order, the success of the routines is very high. Dear parents, if you notice that your kids feel secure with the newly developed daily routines, it is a very good thing. Now you are on track.

Routines organize the children’s development is an important life event such as the birth of a new child, divorce, or moving a new house. It strengths the relationships among the family members. It creates fun and increases the spending time with each other. Routines develop the children and the teenagers a sense of responsibility, basic life skills as management. Ultimately it creates an independent individual.

Daily routines grow healthy habits among the kids. It relieves stress. The significantly low levels of stress are good for your child’s immune system.

Daily routines with your kids is a good behavioural strategy.This picture shows going out with family and friends as a routined activity helps to have good behaviors
Daily routines with kids is a good behavioral strategy

Daily routines with kids are a bit difficult to install first. once installed properly among the family members, It gives you many advantages. Good routines create mental peace among the parents. It brings you a secure feeling. You feel like you are doing a good job as a parent.

Daily routines installation is a hard thing at the begining.
Routines with kids create their own pathway of child development

Daily routines as a good behavior management strategy

It is a kind of a good behavior management strategy. These daily routines split your kid’s activities into simple parts. Then It points out who should do when should do what, what order, and how long. You can develop routines while playtime, during meals, or as sleep routines.

Routines limit bad activities such as screen time for your kids. You can give their devices to play games for shorter times. Also, you can give orders softly to your kids such as “You need to brush your teeth, and then story time with dad”.

In this way, we can use routines as a habit installer, behavior management tool, and a good motivational tool for your child’s development.

Benifits of routines with your kids.

1. You are not giving orders when you follow routines with your kids. You are not bossing your kid. It symbolizes that particular activity should do in a given time period. It is not an order. It totally eliminates the power struggles.

2. Daily routines improve the cooperative feelings of your kid. Eventually, it reduces anxiety and stress levels while doing tasks properly. Children can follow smooth transitions from one activity to another activity. They don’t have a feeling of pushing around.

3. Regular activities build the ability to work with schedules. So children can spend a productive day.

4. Routines light the healthy expectation in parent’s minds. It reduces screen time, improves cooperation and team ability with family members.

5. Daily Routines can create a sense of responsibility. Which is good behavioral quality.

6. It brings realistic feelings to kids about what can be done in a certain amount of time.

7. Giving written, verbal and picture support improve the learning ability of your kid


Create a routine lifestyle for your kid is a worth thing. It adds a variety of benefits to your child’s life. The routines insulate your child from big unexpected changes. It brings them an organized feeling. Routines can split an activity into simple parts where small kids can follow without interruption.

Routines can work as a behavior management strategy. It is a key element of behavioral therapy. Additional benefits add skills to your child’s life. Routines bring a circadian rhythm to the kid’s life. We hope this valuable article gave you a good insight into that.

A good cooperation with family members is a main thing in child behaviors.This child is dancing with family members.

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