Developmental milestones 2 years-Trac your kid’s development

Developmental milestones are quick and easy ways to check on the developmental progress of your child. But they are not predictive of your child’s future.

You can get a clear picture of your child’s growth by following age-appropriate developmental milestones 2 years checklists.

Remember, your child, like every child, is one-of-a-kind. not like any other. It means he or she is incomparable. Sometimes comparisons are helpful. Sometimes, though, comparisons to an average pace of development can be misleading.

The unique toddler hangs out pretty consistent with his/her development age appropriately for months or even for the full year. Sometimes his or her development won’t fit into a predictable pattern.

It’s slow for one month and more accelerated in the next month. But most kids will also go through frustrating, disorganized periods of no afferent programs.

Where the usual thing happens when the child is about to take a giant step like ”taking first steps’ is around the corner.

Due to these reasons, the parents are in a complicated state of mind when assessing their child’s growth. So here, we methodically list out developmental milestones in the second year of your child.

Developmental milestones 2 years – Main areas

This is basically 5 areas

  • Fine motor development
  • Gross motor development
  • language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Social development

What happened when It delayed

Sometimes two-year-old developmental delayed children can be seen. They are not walking, and also not

They are not able to understand simple phrases. They can’t identify their parents and they are not pointing to their parents, not talking to them as ‘mommy’ or ‘Daddy’.

They’re not showing a single engagement, not looking at the faces. If you are talking to them they just look at any other place like a window, ceiling, or outside.

You know as parents your child is better than anyone, same as you can feel your child has some delay. So if you have a clear understanding of actual developmental milestones for 2 years of a child then you can categorize or verify the extent of the delay of your two-year-old kid. As well as this can be applied to any age category.

Developmental milestones of 12-13 months

Most of the toddlers are demonstrating the following things

  • get into a sitting position and come up to the standing position from the previous sitting position
  • Can clap hands
  • cruise from place to place holding on
  • while standing can pick up an object from the floor.
  • Say one word
  • Communicate their needs without crying

Other categories of toddlers perform advanced skills such as

  • Take a few steps alone
  • stand without help
  • drink using a cup
  • put an object into a bin
  • say 2 words
  • pointing to an object they want
  • Rarely walk well
  • scribble
  • play simple games
  • when asked to do something, they look in the right direction
  • More advanced abilities
  • Undress
  • identify body parts
  • can use a spoon to eat
  • Try to lift heavy objects
  • Roll a ball

Development milestones of 13-14 months

Most toddlers are able to

  • cruise
  • stand alone
  • walk with help
  • take a few steps alone
  • eat with fingers
  • put an object into a bin
  • say “mom” and “dad” intentionally
  • imitate others

Some of the advanced abilities

  • walk without support
  • drink from a cup alone
  • climb stairs
  • run alone
  • build a tower of 2 cubes
  • match shapes
  • say 6 words
  • follow 2-step direction(“pick up the toy car and give it mom”)

Developmental milestones 14-15 months

  • Point to the targeted object
  • take solo steps to walk
  • say at least 1 word

some of the advanced abilities

  • play with a toy
  • stack 3 cubes to build a tower
  • scribble with a crayon
  • say at least 3 words
  • say the word “no” frequently
  • point a picture on a piece of paper when asked
  • point body parts in the body
  • turn pages in a book
  • recognized objects are used for(toothbrush, comb,)
  • walk backward
  • walk upstairs
  • say a phrase sometime
  • draw lines with crayons

Developmental milestones of 15-16 months

  • climb on things
  • walk well
  • imitate actions
  • scribble
  • turn papers of a book
  • carry objects in each hand
  • understand simple directions(no,yes, look,come)

some of the advanced abilities

  • stack 4-5 blocks and make a tower
  • use a spoon to eat
  • imitate an object or an action
  • throw a ball or object
  • say 7-10 words
  • recognize self in a mirror
  • run
  • walk backward
  • dance to music
  • kick a ball
  • brush teeth
  • say phrases

Developmental milestones of 16-17 months

  • play on ridding toys
  • drink from a cup
  • say 4-10 words
  • enjoy saying”yes” or “no”
  • point to the desired object

some of the advanced abilities

  • run
  • throw a ball underhand
  • say small phrases
  • play pretend games
  • walks upstairs
  • kick a ball
  • take a piece of cloth
  • sort toys or objects by shape
  • through a ball overhand sometimes
  • build a tower of 4-5 blocks
  • identify 2 items in a picture book
  • combine words
  • speak and understand things
  • say phrases of 50 words

Deveolpmental milestones of 17-18 months

  • Drink from a bottle or cup
  • run
  • point and ask something they want
  • pull hats or cloths
  • look at books independently
  • enjoy finger play
  • say 10-12 words
  • play alone on the floor
  • recognize themselves in the mirror
  • laugh at something silly

Some of the advanced abilities

  • dance to music
  • crawl backward downstairs
  • brush teeth
  • drink with a straw
  • stack 5-7 blocks
  • say 20-25 words
  • single phrases put together
  • ask something by name
  • start showing preference for one hand over the other
  • jump
  • throw a ball overhand
  • identify two pictures by name
  • combine words into phrases
  • understand things when talking
  • sing
  • show off to get attention
  • Be understood when speaking
  • recognize emotions
  • blow bubbles
  • draw circles
  • help out toys away

Developmental milestones of 18-20 months

  • climb
  • run
  • play pretend games
  • eat with a fork and spoon
  • imitate behaviors
  • say 20-25 words
  • bend over to pick up a toy

some of the advanced abilities

  • walk-up steps
  • kick a ball
  • takes off clothes alone
  • draw a straight line
  • combine words to make phrases
  • identify two pictures by naming
  • the balance on one foot by holding
  • name 56 body parts
  • say 50 words easily
  • form short sentences
  • ask “why” questions
  • walk downstairs
  • wash and dry hands
  • build a tower of 6-10 cubes
  • show some signs of potty readiness
  • speak full sentences sometimes

Developmental milestone of 20-22 months

  • Throw a ball underhand
  • squat
  • run well
  • enjoy playing with putty or clay
  • Follow two-step direction
  • Say 10-20 words

Some of the advanced skills

  • open doors, windows
  • play with simple puzzles
  • say 50+ words and a few phrases together
  • wash and dry hands
  • Recognize and name family members well
  • follow three-step direction
  • put on shoes(not always on correct feet)
  • fold a piece of paper

Developmental milestones of 22-24 months

  • kick a ball
  • build a tower with 5-8 cubes
  • imitate adult behavior(sweep, feed a dole. talk on a telephone)
  • identified and verified two items in a picture book
  • combine words and make phrases
  • say close to 50 words
  • show awareness of parent approval
  • maintain balance on one foot
  • show signs of potty readiness
  • ask”what” &”why” questions
  • talk about themselves
  • play with other kids
  • brush, comb, wash, wipe, and other personal activities

Some of the advanced abilities

  • Build a tower of 8-10 blocks
  • Say 100+ words
  • Pedal a tricycle
  • Take turns
  • Say 200+words
  • Answer “what is your name”
  • Arrange things into categories.


If you can list out and trace the development milestones of your kid, you can get an idea of the development pattern of the kid. But the most important thing is not to compare your kid with any other kid’s development pattern.

But if you can follow average normal child development milestones 2 years of your kid, then you can trace your child’s growth pattern very easily. We hope this development checklist for every two months will give you clear goodness.

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  1. I spent many years providing services for developmentally disabled children under the age of 3. I really appreciate this article because it is fairly comprehensive while recognizing that each child is different.  If a parent sees an article like this and realizes that their child is consistently a behind in several things month after month, its a push to have them go through the simple step of an early start assessment.  Your article is well structured, clear and encouraging.

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  3. this article was really a nice one, parents always care for their children development and sometimes they wonder if the child is lagging in development or has issues and this article really serves as a guide to let them know that their child is either doing fine or lagging in development, this is really nice


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