Do you need a baby monitor in a small house?

We suggest it is very much essential a baby monitor for a modern small house. At the very few weeks after childbirth, parents essentially need a little peace of mind. They need a break from constant nursing to their baby. Periodically checking is difficult for parents most of the time. Day by day your baby is getting mobile. So it is essential to monitor the body movements and abnormal sleep patterns of your baby. So do you need a baby monitor in a small house? we strongly say “YES”

It is not selfish for modern-day parents to deserve a little peace of mind – a break from constant nursing and worry. So with new scientific advancements, they have baby monitors in their houses currently. It is not unfair for parents to have little ” me time “, while their babies are sleeping. So you need a baby monitor in your small apartment or house.

Parents need to keep checking their newborns periodically. Even though you are living in a small house you need to look at your baby constantly for their body movements, abnormal sleep patterns, strange noises, and other things. So the modern audio-visual baby monitors provide all the facilities even though you are in a small house. So you may have less amount constant ups and downs to look around your baby.

1. When should I  use a baby monitor

I have a short answer for this. We suggest there is no specific time to fix a baby monitor in your baby’s room. so the best option is to discuss with your partner and get a collective decision for when to fix it and where to fix it.

You may have nagging thoughts as soon as you fix the monitor in your baby’s area. Most parents addictively used to look at their newborns all the time. So it is better to control yourself and get the correct decision because you are the best person to know about your background life.

According to  SIDS guidelines, the baby should be with you until 6 months. But I have noticed some parents started to observe the child with a monitor from 5-6 months,9 months,10 months, etc.

I suggest here is you can put your baby after few days of their birth in a crib or bassinet or Moses basket with a fixed monitor. Babies sleep 12-14 hours a day usually. So you need not wait and see all the things happening around your baby. Your camera will do that duty for you.

2. How many baby monitors do I  need

Some baby monitors have 3-4 parent viewers. If you need to go for hat level you need to think about the additional cost. But for a small home, we suggest it is so enough to have a purpose-made baby monitor with a one-parent viewer. You can manage your supervise target with that baby monitor very well.

The room layout is simple in most small houses so it ok to have one monitor but in some two-story small houses, the sounds of your babies are not enough to wake you up in separate rooms upstairs or downstairs. So most parents use few monitoring ends distributed among the elder family members of the home.

3. How long do you need a baby monitor

This is again a personal decision. If you experience frequent night-waking of your baby, then it is better to use this monitor for extended times. Sometimes parents use this monitor during daytime naps even. Most of the time parents use these items until the toddler years. So it can be helpful for you until your toddler can climb up to the edge of the bed.

Sometimes monitors are used for the safety of the toddlers. It is not for the parent’s convenience. In that instances, you can not directly say when to stop this monitor from using. Even if the babies reach the toddler stage their voices are hard to hear and difficult to amplify their voices.SO in such instances, parents tend to use the monitors prolong.

In general, I can say you can turn off the monitor as soon as your baby starts to sleep the whole night. At the age of six months, most babies achieve this state and their voices are loud enough to wake you up during nights to get your help.

SO THERE IS NO SPECIFIC RULE TO TURN OFF THE MONITOR IN YOUR HOME. Discuss among family members and with your partner and you can decide the best time for that.

Most of the parents in small houses or apartments are switching off their monitors after 6 months of the baby’s age. But I suggest it needs to assess the interpersonal requirements to get such decisions.

4. Do you sleep with the baby monitor on

Some sleep experts suggest it is better to off the monitor while you sleep. They emphasize that is an essential thing for better sleep. It impacts a lot for both mother and the baby’s sleep. According to them, turning off the monitors is an essential thing for better sleep.

Also, sleep experts suggest you can turn off the baby monitor just as the baby passes the 3-4 months of age. Nearly four months your baby starts to create the sleep cycles. They are learning the sleep cycle between light sleep and deep sleep. Also this age limit most of the babies start to sleep throughout the night and they are passing 3-4 sleep cycles during one night. So those experts suggest turning off the baby monitors for effective sleep for both mother and the babies who passed the four-month-old.

it is highly advisable to use a baby monitor for a baby who is younger than 4 months. Because that is the critical age where the parents took their eye on.

5.what age do you take baby monitor out of the room

As I said earlier the baby monitor can use with the babies of 1-6 month-year-old babies more effectively and some parents use the monitor even with toddlers with regard to their needs. Some toddlers may have high activity levels, and behavior patterns, some have medical conditions such as ADHD, autism, and other neurodevelopmental conditions, etc. those individuals can get maximum benefits from the baby monitor other than the normal babies.

Therefore you can stop the baby monitor whenever you would like. When your baby is around six months old you can turn off the baby monitor to educate the healthy sleep habits to your babies. As we mentioned earlier most parents should consider turning off the baby monitor due to that reason most of the time. So try to discuss with your partner and understand your necessity more and take a collective decision to turn off the monitor. So I have mentioned both circumstances to keep your baby monitor turn off and turn on inside the baby’s room.

In a small house, the parent and other people see the baby’s and toddler’s behavior with each other. so it is better to teach those kids good sleep habits very earlier. Their home environment encourages them to teach good habits. So do it.

6. The three scientific gadgets which do simillar work of the baby monito

  • Purpose made baby monitor
  • Home wifi security camera
  • Computer web-cam wireless.      
  • These are the three types of equipment that you can use to monitor your new baby from inside your home.But three gadgets have their own unique features to address in doing the target function which is looking towards your baby.So we need to consider what equipment is the most user-friendly and convenient for doing this dedicated work.


Pregnant mom with husband live in a small  apartment


Wireless webcam with monitor use as a baby monitor

If you need to use a wireless webcam as a monitor it should be free-standing. If not you need to set up one computer-connected device at the nursery or room of your baby and the other end ( parent viewer ) at your side. For this purpose, you need to have a good wireless wifi webcam and an additional webcam connected to the purpose-made monitor to view. Also, you can use your smartphone to view that but most folks say, it will drain your smartphone battery soon.

But most of the time the webcam picture quality may not satisfiable, you need night vision then the cost goes up again.

so dear parents, even though you are in a small home try to use a purpose-made baby monitor later we will explain this in this article. But if you have already a webcam then use this for monitoring your child. But if you wish to buy a baby monitor then you need to think of the budget, features personal preferences, and functionality.

Home wifi security camera as a baby  monitor

All IP  cameras operate through online connections. It has no ranges and you can use those security cameras as your baby monitor and keep an eye on your baby. Also, you can set up your security cameras into multiple devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets.

If you wish to go for a low budget, this one is a deal to set up and you can get multiple advantages in your small home premises. But these IP CAMERAS ARE VULNERABLE TO HIGHJACKING AS HEY CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. That is a big downfall that you have to come across. If you already have this in your home then try to use this baby monitor with close supervision. If not we suggest purpose-made baby monitors do this function effectively later we discuss in this article.

Purpose made baby monitor

These monitors come with two sub-units. One is for the baby room or the nursery and another one is for the parent end. so it is advisable for you to have a mobile parent end with a good view even though your home is small when you are using this baby monitor. Sometimes you can have few parent-end types of equipment that cost more. But I suggest, you need only one parent end if you live in a small home, then you can keep your eye tightly to your baby. The monitors have a range limit. The limit range of these baby monitors is most suitable for a small home.

Most of the baby monitors are available with up to four cameras. But you can select a monitor with a single-parent unit for your small home. The purpose-made baby monitors are a lot more user-friendly in comparison with security cameras. So don’t hesitate to buy them if you wish. We give few comparisons for your knowledge and decision confirmation.



A baby monitor is a piece of essential equipment for modern-day parents. At the very early period of childbirth, both parents are exhausted and spending sleepless nights for the betterment of the new person’s care.SO especially mothers need to deserve a little peace of mind while nursing, feeding, and caring for their baby.

Even though the people live in a tiny small home, this close supervision is essential to prevent the pinpoint mistakes which could have done a huge impact on the baby’s life. So purpose-made baby monitor is needy equipment for the modern homes irrespective of the architectural layout of the home.

As intelligent parents, you should have the brains to turn off the monitors and keep away from your baby’s room at the correct time and that will help for cultivating good sleep habits within your baby. It eventually helps the parent’s sleep pattern also.

Dear parents, You need to get the correct decision at the correct time.

Modern-day parents deserve little peace of mind. They need a break from constant nursing around childbirth time. So baby monitors do an essential support

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