Early stimulation and development with head control activities

Dear parents, you can use various types of activities to help your child in their development.

These types of early childhood stimulation and development activities are valuable for children who are mentally and physically disabled

But Doc Dad editorial staff, we strongly believe that these types of early stimulation activities are very much helpful for normal babies to achieve the optimal functional level in early childhood.

These mentally normal children are having various types of physical disabilities. Those physical disabilities make both physical and mental development slow or difficult

In this article, we wish to describe various types of activities that will enhance the quality of early skills.

Importance of early stimulation

Early stimulation activities for infants are very important. It can help children to develop their physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

They are various types of sensory activities that can help with early stimulation for babies and infants.

Sensory play activities

If you can introduce different types of activities with different textures, shapes, and colors through touch and play, those activities can be considered sensory play.

Here you can offer various types of software rattles and wash clothes to encourage the exploration ability of your kid.

Increase tummy time activities

During tummy time you can place your baby on their stomach on the mat. So you can place your baby during very short time periods.

Place in like that can help a baby to build up their neck and ARM muscles as well as improve their coordination ability

Practice singing and music

Parents can practice singing and music for infants. Singing nursery rhymes and playing soft music can suit your baby and help them develop their rhythm and melody.

Dear parents, if you can practice reading sessions for your infant and toddlers, you can provide them with various sensory experiences through that.

The movement activities in massage also provide us with early sensory stimulation for your infants and babies. If you can encourage the moving of your baby’s arms and legs during a diaper change or bath.

You can help them to improve their physical development with increased motor activities.

Gently massaging

Gently massaging your baby can help them relax and improve their overall development with a liquid sensory input.

Dear parents, it is very important to remember that each baby develops at their own pace. So they should be given activities according to their adjusted abilities.

It is very important to make sure to always supervise your baby and never leave them unattended during these types of early sensory activities.

Early skills development starts with head control

If your baby can maintain good head control, that will eventually help with the advanced level of baby activities.

Those advanced activities include grasping, sitting balance, scooting, crawling, standing, and walking.

Finally, language development can also be considered a strong development in your baby’s early life.

These types of activities are very basic activities for early childhood development.

A few advanced development skills such as eating, dressing, and toilet training also need to point out within your baby’s development cycle.

If you need to practice head control activities with your baby it is essential to practice a few grasping activities for your baby.

Because the grasping skills will definitely be helpful for later head control activities within your baby.

How to improve grasping ability

Talking about developing grip first, a child should grasp only the whole hand first. Later they can use separate fingers such as the thumb and the other fingers to hold things.

father plac his baby on his thighs and encourage hands reaching activity to his baby
Good positioning activity
photo credit – Disable village

These activities help to improve the head control of your baby. But this activity not only helps to develop head control and hand grasping patterns but also develops the use of sensors in their body.

Those senses are vision, touch, sound, tactile, etc.

Also, these activities will develop head control, eye-hand coordination, and balance while sitting, and improves body flexibility too. Parents need to do these types of activities in a friendly way.

Then the children can improve their self-confidence and ability to relate to other people. These are specific activities that a small child needs to develop.

It is very important to introduce new skills by using simple and small steps to your baby. Then the child’s learning ability will be enhanced very smoothly and rapidly.

It is important to praise your child each time they succeed.

It is very important for the parents to observe how their child responds to specific types of activities that they teach. Also, parents need to notice how activity helps or hinders the child’s development.

So parents need to be creative to invent various types of new activities to meet their needs.

Activities that can help the child’s head control

Proper head control activities for your baby
Head control activities
Photo credit – Disable village.

Normal babies, normally develop the ability to lift their heads and control their movements. It is among the basic activities of their newborn life. Normally newborn children can lift and hold their heads for a little while.

The newborn babies have fairly good head control in the first month of their life.

But the children with little developmental control. So then he/she needs a little bit of support. In the present day, we can’t find all the children who are confident enough to maintain their head control in the early months of their newborn life.

So it is our suggestion to practice these activities with all the children from the beginning of their life cycle

Practice methods of head control activities

1. Like picture a and b you can place your child on the mat. After that gradually you can give a few activities which can encourage your baby’s head to race in the upper direction.

So to encourage the child to race when they are head when line Face down, the parents can use bright colored objects and rattles with various sounds.

2. Sometimes babies have trouble raising their heads because of weak back or shoulder muscles.

Dear parents, you can place a blanket or veg-shaped sponge pillow under your baby’s chest and shoulders.

After that, you can get down in front of your child and talk to them with an emotional laughing face.

Also, you can put it as a toy and ask the child to reach for the toy. Through this kind of simple activity, you can stimulate your child’s interest and movement.

3. If your child has very weak shoulder and upper arm muscles so you can’t encourage your child to lift they are head upwards when lying facedown.

As a solution for that you can lay your baby against your body.

In this way, you can place your baby in an almost upright position with a secure feeling. In this way, the baby needs less strength to lift her head. Look at closely to the picture -E

4. Parents can also practice various types of head control activities when the baby lying face up. You can take your baby’s arms gently and gently until the baby’s head hangs back a little.

After that, you can lay your baby down again and you can see picture D and get more idea about the activity.

Make sure to avoid this bad position given below.

babd carrying method of your your baby iying face up.
Photo credit- Disable village

5. If your child is unable to pull his head up when you trying to lift him, don’t pull him up by hanging the head backward. Instead, you can practice the position pattern in the picture – F.

Here you can sit the child up and gently tilt him back a little. So ask him to hold his head up. This may be a gradual procedure and practice it little by little.

Repeat the activity several times gently. The baby gains his neck strength and control little by little.


If you can maintain head control of your baby you can help in the overall development of your baby. So the development of head control is a crucial milestone for infants.

There are a lot of benefits to maintaining head control. So parents can improve the physical development of their baby. With regard to physical development, we can improve the strength of the head and neck trans muscles of the baby.

Which is essential for probing and other physical activities of the babies.

Keeping head control is a good way of improving the cognitive development of infants. If your baby has good head control he will definitely have better interaction with the environment and make eye contact with others.

Keeping it proper I can tag will definitely develop the social and emotional skills of your baby.

So now parents can practice various types of head control activities with the basis of this nice and compact article.

So your success is our pleasure. Keep moving towards your parenting goals.

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