How I started.How did I transform my life

Define me as a concept guy.

I am Chinthaka Kannangara.

I was an Occupational therapist. I loved it. I quit.

At the Beginning

I started my carrier as an Occupational therapist because I strongly believed that I am a healer. I believe in helping people is a blessing in return. So I dealt with many children who are having simple to complex problems in functioning their normal day-to-day life.  What follows is what I was inspired to be a clinical occupational therapist and become an educator, What pushed me out of the hospital clinical setup, Where I am heading next.

My burning desire in life was to treat people psychologically and physically started at a young age. I was a very curious kid who is passionate about reading, looking at pictures, and comprehending things while reading about fiction as well as a lot of informational texts in the books. I loved learning new things and I had a natural way of explaining things to the other people in a captivative way of getting the people’s attention.

In the hospital, I had a limited crowd to offer my skills and knowledge. I started to treat kids and adults who are having burn injuries and who spent a very painful experience at the hospital. So I hope I did my job enthusiastically and dedicatedly throughout my younger age.

 Specially with the burns people and kids are disfigured as well as dysfunctional due to various disabilities. So Occupational therapists need to rehabilitate them very well with a hard-working attitude. I had to fight against burn scaring with minimal facilities in a developing country set up. Almost all the people are psychologically deteriorated and demotivated.

But I was limited to a very specific crowd as a clinical educator and a facilitator there. So to share my passion with a massive crowd, I decided to become an online educator. Meanwhile working towards my ambition, I automatically became an entrepreneur later I wished to introduce myself as an ecopreneur.

I started this parenting blog with the intention of helping mothers, caregivers, and other people who are dealing with newborns, infants,pre-schoolers, schoolers, and teens. 

I IDENTIFIED THEIR DAY-TO-DAY PROBLEMS AND STARTED TO GIVE SOLUTIONS TO THEM IN A MEDICAL APPROACH. My approach is very simply explained through my blog posts and I connected through the commercial world if somebody needs to practically engage with the things which I described.

By age 24 I started my carrier as a junior occupational therapist in  a hospital acute set up with the burn patients with varying capacities and needs wasn’t easy. I worked their from 7a.m – 7p.m without  expecting any financial gain. 

In asian part of world people with having poor social economics backgrounds,choose to commit suiside due to poor psychological health and life burdens. Most of them were set fire them selves after pouring kerosene oil on there body.

They people suffer with enormous pain spend a sad life with poor physical and psychological wellbeing. They never thought that they will have to struggle with life thereafter a massive burn injuries.

Finally I wish to say that I have picked up thousands of life lessons working in acute burn care set up as a clinical Occupational therapist in my early twenties of life. But I thought of being a social and educational influencer,I can provide a good service to the all human beings through my online platform. That was my turning point that I took in my early twenties to reach the public inwholeworld through imternet

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