How to manage screen time for your kid

All kids are little monkeys, they repeat everything which they see around them. Kids start to use mobile phones at the age of 02. you need to think deeply how to manage screen time for kids. TV was introduced even earlier at the age of 8 months.

Screens are everywhere. Your little one is probably going to spend some time looking at one, so make sure his or her screen time is as productive as possible. It is very difficult to limit them 100% screen time for small kids. Many kids watching tv and eat sitting in their high chairs these days more frequently. So it may difficult to say how to manage screen time for your kid,

The brain development of your kid starts with the first two years of life. During that time children try to get sensory stimulation from the outer environment. They experience sites, smells sounds, tastes, and textures. Also, they try to interact with others and learn much more about the world by experiencing and observing.

We can maximize this sensory experiencing time period by providing them much more opportunities to engage with their sensory organs with various sensory stimulations. Parents need to Limit the screening time of the children at home. It has been recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) well. This includes keeping away the children from the TVs, tablets, computers, smartphones, and gaming systems they’ll see.

World health organization(WHO) also provides guidelines for this.

How much screen time is too much

Babies younger than 18 months should have no screen time at all.

But make sure to add them a quality time with screens as well. It includes talking with grandparents, family and other friends and teachers and other close people of the children as well. It adds emotional support to the children and eventually develops psycho-social skills also.

A considerable amount of screen time can be given to the toddlers (18 months to 24 months ) with a parent or a caregiver. Preschool kids ( age 2 and 3 ) can be given one hour per day of screen time.

The most important thing is, you need to clarify and explain well what good screen time is. ALSO DIRECTING YOUR TODDLER IN FRONT OF THE TV TO SEE YOUR FAVOURITE TV SHOW IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF BAD SCREEN TIME.

Instead, you can play with your baby a color or shapes game with the tablet or watch nature video series together by creating a good screen time. So use screen time as a productive time period to teach lessons about the world and things.

Now you can understand not all the screen times are not being created equal.

How to set effective screen time tips.

Talk with your child first. Listen to them. consider their priorities arrange quality screentime with limits. To make your toddler’s screen time more productive do the following.

  1. Do a few interactive things with the kid during screen time and be with them. You can talk more or you can role-playing about a topic or a character. You can encourage words if your child has a communication problem. If your kid is socially withdrawn, you can use this productive screen time to improve their engagement ability, social participating, team spirit, group work, and many more skills.
  1. Research yourself about apps, games, or whatever before giving them to your kids. Show and learn online what are the shows recommended by the therapists, doctors, teachers, and other professionals to your child.
  1. Plan and schedule plenty of non-screen time into the child’s daily routine. The unstructured playtimes are the most available time periods for the child in your home. So, use them with creativity and skill-building.
  1. Bedtimes and meal times are also important times to put the child away from screens and those times are more suitable for interacting with your child with storytelling and other manual hand skills activities with your kids.
  1. Always try to install applications with teaching colours,numbers,shapes,and ABC etc.
  1. All Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, even Netflix come with settings, which are designed to keep the kids in mind. They will not only block unwanted contents but also can limit the time. Try to purchase or use these facilitated screen programs.
  1. Always try to fix a time limit for the daily screen time. And with no condition, that time will be breached. Also, you can nominate a location to watch tv or other screen time occasions for your kids at home. They will be disciplined and make a sense that they need to limit these things at home.
  1. Limit yourself before limiting the kids. Because most kids imitate their parents all the time. This will apply to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or tv, etc. 

9. Keep all the mobiles and screened equipment out of the site. If we can apply this simple technique as a habit definitely we can limit the screen time.

10. Try to do all the activities of daily living of the kids such as washing, brushing, toileting, feeding, clothing, grooming, and other activities independent from the screen time.

Let’s do activities with the kids

As parents, you can plan lots of activities with your kids to make meaningful time with active participation other than screens. Here you have to consider the child’s perforations and interests as well. These productive activities should meet various advantages like problem-solving, peer group managing, socializing,communication skills, meeting sensory needs of the child, emotional skills, physical abilities and many more.

Learning knots-like activities are much beneficial for the kids. Because they improve hand skills and other manipulative abilities and coordination skills. These interesting activities are developing the concentration of the toddlers. With supervision, you can practice all kinds of these activities. 

Try to teach them building and putting up a tent is another good activity. Here you can practice role-playing, decision-making skills, and socializing skills as well. You can model a house and its activities with the child’s grandparents and dogs and other things at home on a leisurely cool day. So, your three-year-old toddler will learn all the things better than you with their grandparents.

Let your child climb mountains and high areas with close supervision. Those activities help them to improve their physical abilities and self-esteem as well. Also prevents attaching to the tv or related screen equipment. Always try to save them. But ensure their independence in doing those activities.

Cooking is really important. Here you can teach children a lot of hand activities and problem-solving abilities and many more. If your child is having autism spectrum disorder or related illness or a child with special needs, these activities bring them huge advantages.

Productive usage of good screen time with the kid

Gradually introducing technology through screen time is not a bad thing. If they use it productively, you can give them educational videos, audiobooks, leisure activities, and many more. But that usage is definitely monitored.

Modern social media can be very detrimental to their mental health and self-esteem. Because social media brings the wrong perception that someone’s always doing better than you. So be careful in all aspects when allowing screen time for kids.


This is very important to remember that kids are receiving new electronics across the world. So they eventually incline to the tv and related screen technology. The most important thing is to achieve the good aspect of this screen time. It means good screen time is always should be promoted.

Also, parents need to introduce meaningful outdoor activities to the kids to allocate their day time at home and teachers should follow proper guidelines at schools. These activities need to meet various benefits that the child needs to cultivate within them.

Most of these advantages are sensory needs, social skills, physical abilities, hand activities, cognitive abilities, communication skills, interpersonal skills, group and team spirit, and many more.

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