Motorola Non-Contact Baby Thermometer

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Product details Non Contact 3-in-1 baby thermometer- Motorola MBP66N Did you have a frightening experience when the child is feverish? That is the body’s way of telling something is going inside the body. It may be a sign of flu, a reaction to the vaccine, or related to a current infection. So consider the best … Read more

With autism spectrum disorder- stuck with early childhood development

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Autism spectrum disorder shows many difficulties and abnormalities. It is very important to categorize the type of autism within your child. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, or pre-schooler, autism disturbs them stick to their normal daily routine up to a certain extent. Child development is a huge area. So, correct assessments are essential … Read more

What is good-Breast milk or Formula

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Children are our life’s blessing. Raising them with breast milk or formula is your very first question as first parents. Here I say, raising a child is an art. Even if you have an infant, toddler, pre-schooler, or schooler the responsibility is the same. Feeding strategies are very important in child development. With the newly … Read more

About Chin

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Hi everyone and welcome to I am chinthaka. This may be a simple step toward making a giant business in the field of baby care and child development. We will provide you with reliable and practical guidance in managing your child softly and productively same as our competing colleagues I made my mission to … Read more