4 Moms mama Roo 4 baby swing-Product Review

The 4 Moms mama Roo 4 Baby Swing is the coolest and good looking baby swing product in the market currently. This original product was released in 2012. The design was especially to meet the requirements for mom’s natural soothing motions. This product has a higher versatility, comfort, and reliability.

This simplest design product is very easy to assemble. It takes only five minutes to assemble and no tools are needed for that purpose. The modern design and the outlook is eye-catching. Its smooth movements are very effective for infants and toddlers. The fluidity of the movements shows the benefits of advanced technology.

This product is designed to mimic mom’s natural soothing motions

The user-friendly advanced control panel is having intuitive buttons, power movement settings and speed variations, and music. The various speed settings with ample adjustments are suitable for the different requirements of the babies.

Product details

Name – 4 Moms Mamaroo 4 Infant seat

Web site – Amazon.com

Owners – 4 Moms 

Overall rank – 90 0ut 100.

Product overview

The mama roo 4 infant seat has special features to provide the optimum functionality to your baby. It has the following specified features. The product has a specified sound system. The four built-in sounds bring your infant a soothing and calm effect while they are resting and sleeping in the seat.

Your child can experience various speed variations that are available according to the baby’s perforation. Also, the product comes in three fabric types. Those are machine washable and very easy to remove.

The classic gray color infant swing is powered by an AC adapter simply. Simple toys such as crinkle balls, a rattle, and a mirror give a child sensory experiences very well. Also, MamaRoo infant swing is highly touched with new technology such as Bluetooth technology.

Who can use 4 moms mama roo 4?

This good product can be used with your infant from birth until your little one reaches up to six months. The manufacturers suggest a weight limit that is below 25 pounds. In another way, this infant swing can be used until the baby can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out.

The special tools or the features in the product

This product has various special features to gain maximum functionality to the product. Those features are very user-friendly and add smooth functionalities. It is much beneficial for the baby’s comfort. Some of those are as follows

  • The sound system
  • The speed variations
  • Several fabric types
  • Various motion systems
  • AC adapter power supply system. ( No batteries needed ) 
  • Consist with interactive toys for children to play with
  • Adjustable seat can be reclined
  • Compatible with the Bluetooth technology

The special sound system of the product

The three optional music types  including 

  •   Rain music
  •   White noise music
  •   Heart Beat music         

Music can play according to the baby’s situation. It can be used with an MP3 player to play preferred music.

The motion system ( Speed variations )

Talking about the mimic motions, the equipment naturally bounce up and down and sway side to side with the electric power. It performs five types of motions such as 

  • Car ride motion
  • Kangaroo motion
  • Tree swing
  • Rock a buy motion
  • Wave motion motion

These five swing types are meant to mimic the way we hold our babies. There are various speeds once you pick the motion you want.

Using Fabric types for the equipmen

Totally machine washable and easy-to-remove fabric covers of this equipment bring an essential facility to moms. It is easy to clean the equipment. Also, these fabric types can be purchased separately according to your need.

Who can use the mamaroo

4 Mamaroo4 is a unique baby swing. This can use by your baby infant from birth up to 6 months of age or until the 25 pounds of the weight limit. A the time they can sit up on their own on the chair.

To be honest with you, babies prefer this very much in the first couple of weeks and then they enjoyed being on the ground or in your arms playing with toys.

The Pros and Cons of the product

The pros

  • This infant swing gets the job done taking up considerably less space. It is very much beneficial for modern homes with less space.
  • The movements of the swing mimic a human’s it makes sense to comfort your baby.
  • The sounds came with white noise and options for music.
  • This isn’t exactly a portable swing, You can move it from our family room to our dining room.  It was so nice to have a place to put her down while you were “living,” or likely sleeping during the day, and also while you were eating.
  • It wasn’t hard or heavy to move.
  • You are able to hold the baby in one arm and move the mamaRoo with the other.  

The cons

  • The price – This is a big-ticket item.
  • That you will only use for a few months, maybe six or most.
  • Go for it if this is not a financial strain for you. Because this will be a lovely swing that your baby will hopefully love.

How safe is this product

Don’t use the product when your child is climb out of the product, exceeds 25 pounds weight limit or is left unattained without straps. Always follow safety guidelines. All steps are safety with the safety straps properly secured.

Sometimes babies are not going anywhere then you need not to even put the straps most of the time.But do consider safety supervision when the child is big enough to sloutch down in the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can babies sleep in the mamaRoo?

Your baby can have some afternoon naps as napping is the most frequent thing in an infant’s life. Also, the babies sleep in the mamaroo . But don’t put the child in this equipment sleep all night long.

Do babies like the motions?

Most of the kids love the motion of the Mamaroo. Occasionally some kids don’t prefer these movements.

Can you use the mamaRoo without plugging it in?

Most parents do this often.  The babies are very happy as a clam just hanging out in the swing even without it moving. 

 Is the seat cover washable?

The seat cover is removable and machine washable. You can buy these covers separately.

 How expensive is the mamaRoo?

This is fairly big-ticket equipment. You can check this product on Amazon. Most of the parents are using this for a few kids. The product quality is long-lasting to use this product repeatedly.

What ages is the mamaRoo appropriate for?

This product can use until the baby is 6 months of age. Also, that is the weight limit of 25 pounds. In other words, you can use this equipment until your baby can sit on their own.


Mamaroo is a safe place for the parents to put the babies away for a few minutes and to take a breath. So we would say this technology-based equipment facilitates modern parents’ busy lifestyles. 4 Mamaroo infant baby swing brings you the experience of a fancy swing to your lifestyle.

 You can enjoy the ease of putting your baby in the swing, snapping her in, and pressing the motion you wanted. You can sit down on the couch to almost relax.  So get ready to enjoy the equipment. 

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