Nanit Plus Smart baby Monitor- Review Guide

A general overview of nanit plus smart baby monitor

Modern-day parents are so busy. They had to follow hectic routines in day-to-day life. So the rest time for mom and dad is just as essential as the sleep time for baby.

The baby’s sleep time is the parent’s rest time. Nanit plus smart baby monitor has a good solution for that.

If you can give your baby a peaceful sleep time and monitor it while you are resting, we hope you have entered the pathway of managing your busy daily life.

So we here introduce an award-winning personal sleep trainer and sensor-free breath motion monitoring system for your baby to do this responsible task.

This best invention in 2018 ( By Time magazine ) is designed to help your baby’s sleep tracking. It has sleep coaching with an unparalleled birds-eye view that comes in two types wall mount and floor stand types.

This amazing product has a lot of dedicated tools to facilitate parents about the detailed quality of their baby’s sleep.

Parents can speak or sing to their little ones 24/7. The background audio is also available.

The Pros and Cons of the product

The Pros

You can save 7-day video history with this product.

  • Can see past videos through the time-lapse highlight reel
  • An advanced nursery camera with improved sleep tracking and coaching.
  • By getting a one-year subscription, you can get sleep-tracking tips and video history
  • Can rewatch the videos
  • Can get personalized sleep guidance from sleep experts
  • Can capture the finest movements and see how they related to the growth milestones.

The Cons

  • Expensive. Coming at about high price.
  • No two-way communication system is available in nanit original model. It is only with nanit plus.
  • The camera’s orientation can’t be changed. The camera captures the fixed rectangular vision field of the crib of child.

Product Details






Check out our descriptive article about Baby Monitors. Buy here after reading and digesting our thorough article. Get the product at the lowest price.

Who is the target audience for Nanit plus smart baby monitor

This is really worth modern scientific equipment for modern-day busy parents. They can create more productive rest times on couches and with their family conversations.

So it is essential for handing over the responsibility to monitor their baby to a kind of wonderful equipment. Nanit Plus is very suitable for that.

Parents can monitor their baby’s breathing pattern with the provided breathing wear. They can experience real-life breathing alerts.

It is like having their hands on the baby’s chest. No wires or batteries touch their body.

Parents can see highlights of the night’s sleep event by using the video time-lapse.

So they can identify the burning issues with the baby’s sleep and find solutions.

Each morning will be a blessed and fresh morning for the parents. They can get in-depth sleep reports each morning, letting them know how was the child’s night.

Then assume the daytime how will be and plan it.

No matter whether the parents are at their lunchtime or in a meeting. They can plan the baby’s nap time or any other requirement for the baby.

The nanit monitor will be a secondary window to the child’s growing world.

Time erases the adorable moments of your baby or that sweet occasions might happen during the parent’s coffee break or during a meeting.

Nanit will clearly record all of the sweet memories of your baby. Also, you can share the captured moments with faraway relatives.

Ultimately we can prove that parents are much happier and more comfortable with this amazing equipment in their homes.

Special tools and scientific advancements in the Nanit baby monitor

1. Nanit App

This can be downloaded worldwide and available in English. This app has a very easy-to-use interface. It has handy, funny bells and whistles.

You can set the pre-threshold level of temperature of your baby. The Nanit app alert will show you temperature drops and your added level.

2. Nanit insights one-year subscription

Nanit has excellent memory capacity. You can save seven-day video history. With a one-year subscription and insights, you can get total sleep tracking with relevant sleep coaching, tips, and video history from leading experts

3. Battery bands

Free 03-pack battery bands worth $40will be beneficial for you to sensor free-breathing motion monitoring. Parents can experience real-life breathing alerts same as having their hands on the baby’s chest.

4. High HD quality

This is an advanced memory camera ever. High HD quality of video and audio will provide you crystal clear visuals with motion detection and enhanced sound quality

5. NIght vision

6. Zoom with night light

7. Time-lapse highlight reel

parents can watch their baby’s entire sleep in seconds with time laps.

8. You can speak or sing to your little one

9. Background audio available 24/7

10. Temperature and humidity sensors

Support you can get from the Nanit-the manufacturer

  • You can get the user-friendly nanite app with a simple interface with its new updates.
  • You can get a one-year subscription to nanit insights facility and have the access to the leading experts to get advice.
  • You can get your baby book from autopilot
  • Free-breathing bands

My final opinion about this amazing product

The Nanit baby monitor is a bit expensive in comparison to other available monitors in the market. Yes, it is. If money is your primary concern you can check out other monitor options.

We guarantee that this monitor is a long-term investment. You can use this for multiple kids.

The superb picture quality and its unlimited range is the main feature of this product. So your smartphone can get an excellent live video feed. Also, the zooming is very good on this monitor camera.

If you have a reliable WIFI network where your baby is located and your phone or tablet can connect to the same wifi or different, it means you are connected to your baby. Technology broke the barriers and limits.

The portability of the planet is another impressive feature for me. Unplugging the parent and child units and packing them up and setting them at your next location is very easy with this equipment.

Since your smartphone is your parent unit, the portability of the monitor is maximum.

The camera looks down towards your child from up like a bird. that depends on the way you position the camera. I like very much this wide-angle lens bird’s eye view.

Well manage cables can be kept away from your child is another safety hack in this monitor.


By reviewing other all leading products in the market, Nanit plus smart baby monitor has unique and advanced features to ensure the maximum security of your baby.

The manufacturers are nicely involved in the emerging scientific advances to create this product. it will serve the parents with a user-friendly service.

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  1. Having a baby monitor certainly gives parents the peace of mind that their baby is sleeping calmly. To be able to share video footage with relatives, and specially grandparents that are far away, is a real bonus. 

    I would like to know if the Nanit Plus monitor is purely a camera that records the baby sleeping, or would it also alert the parents if the baby is crying if they are not actually looking at the camera?


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