Top-rated baby bottles- What is your first choice?

Mainly moms choose top-rated baby bottles because feeding their babies is more than feeding. It is a special moment of bonding. If you choose bottle feeding, it should be a relaxed and happy experience for both the mom and the baby.

Here we list the top-rated baby bottles available in the market in 2022. Check out these cute baby bottles, and this knowledge is much beneficial to you for your best choice.

Why do you need top-rated baby bottles

1. Comotomo baby bottle

This is among the best-rated baby bottles made out of soft silicone. The babies can touch and squeeze the bottle during feeding. Because most babies love very much the squeezy things.

Very specific design

The bottle is having a wide nipple of 3″ inches and a silicon base. The specific design can easily clean the bottle. No cleaning brushes are needed and can be used in the microwave for sterilizing.

The babies love to suck and take the squeezable feel of the bottle. It is very helpful to mimic breastfeeding. The bottle has simple four parts the bottle, nipple, outer ring, and cap.

The simple way the fix the bottle

Put the nipple into the ring and pull it. Snap the ring and screw the top of the bottle and seal. The fresh nipple and squeeze bottle type get the feeling to babies that they are spending much time with mum

The wide base and the shorter top of the nipple stimulate the upper palette during sucking the milk. Eventually baby gets the feeling they need to suck more and more. Also, this bottle helps cut down and reduce tummy gases after feeding.

Top reasons for choosing this bottle

  • The bottle has two anti-colic valves that cut back on the air that is mixed with milk can reduce symptoms of colic in babies who struggle with gas and fussiness.
  • Swishlly base made out of silicon.
  • the wide nipple is very similar to the natural breast
  • Now leakage.100% sealed properly.
  • Too easy the wash. It can insert a sponge & no need special brushes the clean.
  • Nice handle the manipulate

Few cons of the product

  • The bottle may be pricy
  • The rings can be difficult the screw

2. Dr. Brown’s original baby bottles

These anti-gas,anti-colic,-anti-fuss bottles were invented by Dr.Brown in 1996. His patented two-piece venting system prevents negative pressure and vacuum while the baby feeds. So it acts as an actual breast which can produce positive pressure.

Firstly this bottle came with glass and is currently manufactured with BPA-free plastic. But the parents are more preferred the glass bottle which has super colic gas prevention, super fit, and function unless vigorous shaking is to mix the formula.

But the new plastic version is lighter weight, and shatterproof, but the specific vent system may be a bit difficult the clean.

How do the Dr.Brown bottles preserve vitamins contained in formula or breast milk?

The breastmilk or the formula flows freely without the nipple collapse. When the baby feeds the air is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system. The air never mixes with formula or breast milk. so oxidation is prevented & maintains essential vitamins like C, A, and K.

The vent system eliminates air bubbles in the formula or reduces problems with digestion such as colic, situp, burping, or gas

Components of the bottle

  • 1 level -one silicone nipple
  • 1 two-piece patented internal vent system
  • 1 cleaning brush and instructions

Instructions the follow when using

  • To prevent leaking do not shake
  • Do not warm bottles with parts inside
  • Make sure the use the correct nipple level for baby

3. Pop Yum formula mixing baby bottles

This is the best product for formula mixing. This bottle type allows separately storing of formula and water(or breast milk). For that purpose, it has two isolated chambers. We can combine the ingredients when ready for the feed. This has mixing options like mixie, and twist shake options that allow you the prepare bottles ready for mixing.

This is a very good product with has a natural nipple shape with an anti-colic valve. It is very much suitable for babysitters, daycare, or grandparents. This quality product is very easy the use. But you may be a little overwhelmed for the first time.

05 basic components of the product

  • Silicone nipple
  • Nipple collar
  • Travel cover/cap
  • funnel for pouring formula powder
  • Formula sealing cap

How the use the PopYUM bottle

Fill up the dry formula on the margin of the nipple and collar area using the little funnel

Seal it off by popping on the clear cap.

Take water or breast milk and fill the bottle itself and screw the nipple collar into the bottle.

Then shook the bottle and put it upside down. then water getting formula compartment (and vice versa)

Here you should simply be pressed the two side buttons of the PopYum bottle and let the formula jump into the water. It is very easy the figure out.

you need the shake the bottle more, as dry clumps of formula sometimes stick that inside of the nipple. the only disadvantage of the bottle is getting air bubbles when shaking the bottle. you have the wait a little for the bubbles the settle down.

Top reasons the use this bottle

  • One-handed techniques can perform all the procedures of the bottle in making the formula. On the other hand, you can handle the baby. So the entire formula mixing on one hand is a great advantage
  • the natural breast-shaped nipple comes in four different flow rates.
  • the bottle is very much suitable for babies having a combination of both formula and breastfeeding.
  • the anti-colic valve works well

The problem in handling this bottle’s

  • very deep nipple is having many contours. So cleaning and drying take time.
  • Quite a bit bigger than a normal bottle, and takes a lot of room in drying racks or bags.
  • you want the be extra sure the nipple is completely dry. (if not formula clumps will stick inside the nipple)
  • this might be harder the fit into your bottle warmer

4. Phillips AVENT Natural baby bottles

This is one of the best all-around baby bottle types in 2020 & comes in both plastic and glass versions.

The bottle has a slightly narrower nipple base and a narrow bottleneck as well. The narrow nipple base gets a real breast feel. narrow bottleneck facilitates easily the clean.

The twin valve venting system is moderately preventing air swallowing, gas, and colic. It prevents the vacuum from forming inside the bottle. But it is not as good as Como Tomo. but very user-friendly.

Comes in two sizes 40oz and 90 oz.

This product is totally BPA & harmful chemicals free.

The bottle has a nice ergonomic shape & a silicon sleeve that holds the bottle with a firm grip, so the babies can hold their own bottle.

Threads are nicely fitted into most breast pumps & toddler cups. some need an adaptor.

A few parts of the bottle are easy the clean and assemble

Special nipple specifications

  • flexible spiral design for natural movement
  • soft nipple texture mimics natural breast feel
  • unique comfort petals that prevent nipple collapse
  • The Phillip Avent bottles come with different bottle sizes and nipple flow rates they keep up with your baby’s growth

5. Tomme Tippee anti-colic baby bottles

This is a very decent option for mums who want the flexibility of switching between breast and bottle feeding.

This comes in two sizes 5 oz and 09 oz.

When we consider the shape, venting, and nipple it is similar to the Como Tomo, Avent, or Dr.Browns baby bottle series.

The nipple specifications of the bottle

Super wide nipple allows baby the to latch and experiences the natural breast.

It has ripples inside the nipple that allow flex & stretch in the same way as the breast. So this wide nipple as Como Tomo baby bottles facilitates the natural elongation & retraction movement.

This allows a natural feeding experience to truly mimic the breast.

The vent system of the bottle

The anti-colic vent system allows air to vent down through the tube in the air space. So air completely bypasses the milk. This venting system is very similar to the Como Tomo.

This has only a single vent. You have to watch closely throughout breastfeeding as the single vent is covered by the cheek, lips, or chin of the baby.

This superior venting system gives easy to latch on the nipple and reduced the risk of ingesting air when feeding.

Bottle shape

Ergonomic bottle shape with nice curvature for greater closeness to the baby with a firm grip.

6. MAM Anti-colic Baby bottles

This is an ideal bottle for newborns and comes in three sizes 5oz,9oz, and 11oz.

If you have a super-hungry baby, this 11oz MAM bottle is ideal.

94% Teat acceptance rate specified nipple

The nipple is the most specified and advanced developed thing in this bottle. It has 3 nipple flows.

  • slow level 1 (0+ months)
  • Medium level 2 (2+ months)
  • Fast level 3 (4+ months)

skin soft nipple’s slight texture helps keep that silicon nipple in the mouth.

The semi-flat nipple is easy the put into the mouth confirming the shape that is more likely the mom’s nipple.

the wider base gets a good sensation of the breast against the cheek. This nipple allows baby the to have authentic feeding and relaxed drinking.

Bottle shape and the bottle parts

This is having a nice bottle shape. it is also having a slight texture the babies hold on to.

this has 06 main parts. nipple, nipple ring, cap, bottle, and vented base.

Anti-colic vent system

The anti-colic baby bottle vent system is on the base of the bottle. Prevents vacuum building very well inside the bottle. This is a great bottle preventing gas, colic, and reflux

Method of assembling

Two parts base screws onto the bottom

place nipple on top of the bottle and screw in the nipple ring. So you are having extra steps involving cleaning.

7. Nanobabe Baby Bottles

This bottle type became a revolutionary product because of its unique shape and style. It felt like a real breast.

The special shape and size facilitate the transition between breast-bottle feeding. From a baby’s perspective, it is a striking resemblance to the abreast. So it is a super innovative design.

Highly functional and practical product in the baby bottle industry.

Added value due to the shape of the bottle

A unique shape helps warm the bottle much faster. Now, many volumes in the bottle. So the heat propagates through milk or formula very fast. Also, a special shape brings warming time cuts in half. It helps double the number of nutrients that remain in the formula or breast milk.

Stacking and storage are super convenient, not only empty bottles in the rack but also pumped milk-contained bottles in the fridge

Cools 2Xs faster protect nutrients and prevent bacterial growth.

Few drawbacks due to the specific shape

These bottles may be too wide they fit into a typical bottle holder, diaper bag, cup holder in a car seat, or stroller.

The typical shape doesn’t fit into outside places they keep when you are traveling.

can not check milk levels, from the base, because the bottle is not see-through from the base and you must be attentive to find milk levels when feeding.

The shape also made it hard to feed every last ounce in the bottle without putting it at an unnatural angle.

8. Nuk simply natural baby bottles

The bottle has the most innovative nipple design and comes with 5oz and 9oz bottles. The manufacturers have designed the orthodontic nipple with a few unique features.

feeding holes and the positioning of holes(3 of the 9 of them depending on the nipple flow rate). this releases the milk upwards towards the palette.

An angled top (this helps position the tongue on the nipple)

The nipples of this bottle are soft silicone nipples, mostly suitable for non-breast feed babies.

Nipple style provides “lazy tech”.It means the baby doesn’t need the put much effort into the work of the jaw the maintain the latch.

The babies using this nipple show difficulty in transitioning the breast and bottle.

The bottle comes in 5oz and 9oz sizes and is made out of non-BPA-Free, Tritan plastic. the bottle has a volume marking on the side.

9. Munchkin latch baby bottles

This bottle has a unique anti-colic valve located on the bottom of the bottle and it reduces the complexity of washing.

The nipple of the bottle

this nipple gently flexes & stretches and pumps mimicking the movement of the breast.

360 degrees of radiation helps with a continuous latch reducing the risk of air ingestion which reduces the colic

The flexibility of the teat allows the reach baby’s pallet by creating a most natural feeding position.

Stage 1 teat has a slow flow rate, this allows a greater consistency between the breast and the bottle feeding.

The baby can pump the teat towards the bottle base then the pressure increases the flow of the milk.

The anti-colic latch venting system allows air to the vent from the bottom. This venting system at the bottom is unique for this bottle

to prevent air from entering the bottle. That reduces the colic effect. This will ease the transition from the breast to the bottle.


Every baby latches and suckles a bit differently. so babies are comfortable with various nipple lengths, widths, and flows. Meanwhile, every baby is more or less prone to gas or colic. So you have the think baby’s preferences and requirements when selecting a top-rated baby bottle.

So it may be advisable the try at least a few types among the above top-rated baby bottles & find out the unique one that suits your baby. This may be much needful when you select a bottle for a baby who is switching between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

The modern industry makes both glass bottle types as well as plastic types. But with the potential risks associated with the chemicals in plastic materials, we highly recommend the go for glass material if possible. When you are giving various cups like sippy cups might contain various Lachey chemicals harmful to the baby.


IF YOU WISH TO TRANSIT FROM BABY BOTTLE TO SIPPY CUP, We recommend the go for straw cup straight away. This suction attempt in a straw cup is much helpful for developing lip, oral musculature, tongue, cheek movements. This is additionally helpful for speech production also.

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