Safest infant car seat 2023- BRITAX B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat

The safest infant car seat may be the most important purchase you do as a new parent. So It should be multi-functioning and good-looking.

After reading hundreds and hundreds of customer reviews and listening to their complaints and good comments, we tried to list out the good safest features.

As parents, you should have to pay key attention to three basic production topics when you select an infant car seat.

So this simple and concise article provides you with a complete guide in a nutshell.

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Product details

Product name – BRITAX B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat

Web site –

The cheapest place to buy – is


  • the best protection
  • safe & simple installation
  • Maximum fit & comfort

The best-protected areas of the infant car seat

  • The two layers of side impact protection
  • Quick-adjust head protection
  • All-round steel Frame with impact-absorbing base

These are the main three main protection specifications in this car seat.

With these safety production specifications, it can hold babies of 4+lbs up to 35+ lbs of a well-grown baby. So 35 lbs are the weight limit.

Safe simple installation – consider the following

  • Britex B-safe ultra call base is easily attached to your car with a latch system or conventional seat belt.
  • Has two crotch strap positions
  • Multiple shoulder harness strap system
  • Infants(4+lbs) also can be used with inserted padding usage
  • When the baby grows extra padding s can be removed. Also, this can hold 35+lbs maximum weight baby
  • you don’t want to use the vehicle’s seat belts, as the European seat belt guide allows the seat to be installed

Maximum fit and comfort

  • Inside car seat lined with cool flow ventilated mesh fabric improves airflow to ensure added comfort. This cool floor material provides extra ventilation for warmer climates.
  • Simple to adjust head protection pads
  • Britex safe cell technology combines two layers of side impact protection and energy absorption foam.
  • Seat fabrics are slightly plusher & a premium feels fabric. This fabric can clean much easier with wipes. seat fabric can be removed for machine washing

Product measurements

Product dimensions -26.5*17.75*25 inches

  • Item model number-E1C009S
  • Minimum weight-4 pounds
  • Maximum weight-35 pounds
  • Maximum height-32 inches
  • Material type-Steel and mesh fabric-cool flow gray
  • No.of items-1
  • Style-B-safe 35 ultra
  • Batteries required-no
  • Item weight-11 pounds
  • rear-facing minimum child weight-4 lbs
  • Rear-facing maximum child weight-35 lbs

About the top customer review

Some customers said that this seat kept their baby safe during a car accident. The base of the seat had some minor damage but the baby was perfectly protected.

I immediately ordered an exact replacement. The BRITAX sales staff did the procedure soon.

Another set of customers used the anchor points of the seat and that baby wasn’t going anywhere.

When they were going to take the child home from their hospital Britex did a safety check of their car seat.

Some said that this car seat is super easy to install and they love its’ lightweight overall.

Also, the seat looks really good and super comfy. The most important thing they looked for in this seat is to remove the padding to be washed is very easy

Most of the reviewers emphasize that they don’t have a problem with installing this particular car seat. It’s super easy to install.

The customers really enjoy the same attractive and plush, good-looking product brand.

There is a problem in attaching this BRITAX B-safe ultra to other car seats. There it can’t be attached safely to the other car seats properly.

That is the main problem with this car seat according to some customer reviews.


Our main motive for this article is to give you an insight into how to buy a top-rated infant car seat at a reasonable price in the market.

Considering the various focus groups of moms, their ratings and reviews are mainly directed to the BRITAX B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat.

We hope our readers will consider above all considerations in buying the safest infant car seat.

We hope your valuable comments and insights will be in the comment area to make this conversation a success with you and us.

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  2. When it comes to selecting a car sit, comfort, easy of installation and my baby safety are three things that are always paramount on my mind. with your review on britax B safe ultra car sit, it come lined with ventilated mesh, which encourages flow of cool air and its support gives safety. I have checked via your link and price is very okay compared to others 

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