Why are baby lips turning black?

beautiful baby smiles showing red lips

Mostly the mothers are worried, why are baby lips turning black? This is a process called acrocyanosis. Mostly this is caused by small blood vessels shrinking in response to cold and similar weather conditions. You can observe discolored lips after breastfeeding in a specific category of babies. Sometimes this coloration of lips leads mainly due … Read more

Why won’t my baby mimic?

Adorable baby plays with toys

Why won’t my baby mimic? Mimicking is the way somebody is copying other people’s way of speaking and moving in order to laugh. So babies are also trying to imitate their mom’s and other people’s words, body language, and actions in many ways. It is so funny for other people because babies are so cute … Read more

Daily routines with kids create good behavior

routines are a good behavioural strategy for kids

Daily routines with kids create good behaviors. This is a well-proven strategy among therapists dealing with kids. Routine life is a planned life. That is very much beneficial for all of us. No matter you are a child or an adult. But, It is special that your child needs a daily routine. Moving life needs … Read more

What are behavioral problems in children?

father and a little boy emotionally get together

 What are the new strategies to help behavioral problems in children?  Encourage positive behavior patterns by giving good attention and appreciation tokens  Apply most appropriate behavioral strategies through observing your child What do you mean by behavior management You need to guide your child to make them a clear pathway to restore the appropriate ways to … Read more