The longest range of a video or audio baby monitor

The longest range of a video or audio baby monitor is 2000ft.  But you need to consider other important factors as well.  The nanit baby monitor offers an unlimited range of wifi connections.  So I suggest the best range monitor is Nanit.  You need to be concerned that the longest range of a baby monitor is not the real range that the manufacturer tells you. The baby monitors are best friends of moms when their children are small.  You need to select the ideal product to get the maximum benefit.

1.  What are the best long-range baby monitors

 Each and every manufacturer prints an eye-catching range in their product cover.  But you can’t expect that printed range from your baby monitor when you use it inside your home. So most parents decide on baby monitors by thinking of their home size and buy the product. That was a big mistake.  So don’t depend on the open field range but you need to think about the real-world obstructions like walls, furniture arrangement, at your home.

 So I had to try with several baby monitors to find out the ideal correct one for my home.  Later I found out the best baby monitors as 


Philips Avent Dect

Baby sense

V tech VM321

Vtech VM 221

Phillip Avent SCD630

2. What is the longest range for a baby monitor

We all know that the longest range of baby monitors is the ranges up to 600-1000 feet.  But we can find some baby monitors that work up to 5000 ft in an open space.

3.  Why are audio baby monitors are number one for long-range baby monitors?

The audio baby monitors are the best option for starting parents. This law tach gadget is less expensive and most of the parents rely on these types of equipment while they are traveling. This is a good option for the caretakers, grandparents, who may not be as tech-savvy. Also, they don’t have to deal with large screens, extra accessories, and sometimes without smartphone apps.

When you use the analog baby monitors, you don’t encrypt the transmission. So anyone can listen. When you are using the digital audio baby monitor you need to ensure the signal is private.   Also, it costs a bit more and you might experience some interference with a wireless router if both are with the same frequency.

Most audio baby monitors use the DECT technology and that prevents interference from other devices like above mention routers and neighbor’s baby monitors.

4.  How the wifi baby monitor win the distance battle

The wI fi baby monitors have a terrible range with regard to the other types of monitors. They record the video and have built-in night lights. It plays lovely lullabies and you can soothe your babies very nicely. The wifi baby monitors need an internet connection and the name says it all.

Don’t use patchy and unreliable broadband connections for your baby monitor. Hence you will receive delayed updates of your baby. If you need quality real-time updates covering a vast range, you need to have a strong and consistent broadband connection. Also, you can connect your mobile phone app to the baby monitor, and then the range is not a big problem if you have a reliable internet connection. Finally, you have strong consistent video footage with no buffering 

Also, You can use voice-enabled digital assistants like amazon’s Alexa with your baby monitor.

5. What do you think about the long-range walkie talkie for a long trip

The walkie-talkies have greater transmission power. So parents can expect a longer range covered from this gadget than a regular baby monitor. So most walkie-talkie radios have that baby listener facility. Then you can use pair of walkie-talkies. This is a good option for the range battle when you use the baby monitor for your home. We suggest this as a very good long-range baby listener.

When you are planning holiday trips with your young children or babies, this walkie-talkie is very useful for you. You can listen to 3-4 children in separate rooms at the same time by keeping several walkie-talkies. You can leave one radio walkie-talkie in your hotel room or apartment and can go and enjoy a cup of coffee several floors away. You will still be able to hear the voice of your baby with your piece of walkie-talkie radio.

These radios have enough range to work through several floors even.

6. What is the best baby monitor with the best range?

After considering the shiny researches and reviews I found that the best long-range monitors are the ones having a function between 700ft-2000ft s. If you are able to cover this range with a quality baby monitor then you will feel that your baby monitor is your absolute lifesaver. It will give your peace of mind and made you feel connected to your baby.

But some people say that the longest best range that you can cover with your audio or video baby monitor is 2000ft. But you need to consider several factors for this. This range is an open field range that the manufactures were tested without any barrier or obstacle.

baby monitor with a good range.The longest range of a audio or video baby monitor is 2000ft

7. Why video monitors are poor in range

The video monitors frequently provide law-quality video pictures when you go out of range. Also, the monitors will frequently interfere with other wifi-connected types of equipment with various ranges. finally provide law-quality pictures.

8. Using a baby monitor in an open field is not practically happen

The documented ranges in the printed packs of baby monitors are the tested ranges in open field areas. But why do you need to observe your child in an open area? That is the marketing tactic that the manufacturers are using to market their products.
Normally you use a baby monitor in a fairly large or small home or at a nursery. It is purely used inside. So a lot of walls, furniture or other things are obstructed. So the printed range can not be achieved due to those reasons. So you need to think about that practical things also.

9. Why is the indoor range of your baby monitor more concerned

The babies supposed to observe with a monitor are always at home or nursery most of the time. So the wifi signals are obstructed due to inside furniture arrangement, walls, and the other inside architecture. These barriers are caused to get the optimum range of the baby monitor. So don’t rely on the documented range limit of the monitor when you buy the equipment.

10. How big your home is

The indicated range of baby monitors is normally reduced with the thick concrete walls of a house.  Then you may not reach the optimum quality pictures indicated on the box. Also, the apartment complexes and apartment buildings are made of stoned concrete materials.  That environments have normally disrupted the range of the monitors.  When you buy a monitor for your home, you need to think about these whether you are on a different floor than your little one at your house.

If you live in an insulated house, that is beneficial for the heating cost and less favorable for the range of your baby monitor. So the degree of insulation in your house limits the range considerably.

If your house is full of electronic devices, those types of equipment have a possibility of disrupting each other. That is called electrosmog. This phenomenon is highly associated with analog baby monitors. They can disrupt the sound. Wi-fi  baby monitors are also affected when many devices are connected to the same Wifi network

11. What is the good range in reality

It is up to your wish that how much reach do you want. Do you live in an apartment or family home?  you can use baby monitors with a maximum of 50 meters is enough

12. Looking for a good range is not enough

Apart from the long-range, the modern smart baby monitors have other important features. These additional features may vary according to the parent’s requirements. So they can choose whatever they want which is compatible with their requirement.

  • Movement monitor
  • Sound indicator lights
  • Camera mount type
  • Camera viewing angle
  • Two-way communication system
  • Baby room temperature indicator
  • Multicam support
  • Lullaby mode and night light
  • Battery power
  • video recording
  • Volume control

13. Why should I care about the baby monitor range

You should be careful about your baby monitor because the signal disturbance and interference is a very common thing when you use it.

Need to concern about the neighbor’s network

When many networks are close together in an apartment building, it will affect the wireless capacity. Mostly the equipment on the 2.4 GHz band is interfering with the neighboring network equipment. You need to avoid signal interference and disturbance when you use the baby monitors.

You need to concern about the separate wireless networks in your own home.

This situation may cause even worse signal interference among the connected pieces of equipment.If you need to have logins for the wireless network with different access levels, I  recommend setting up a guest network with its own network name (SSID) on the same router.

Other Bluetooth wireless devices interference 

Baby monitors can interfere with wireless devices such as headsets, keyboards, mice, etc. You need to concern about those devices when you use the baby monitor at your home.

Microwave Owen

These Owens use electromagnetic waves of 2.4GHz to heat the food. Sometimes older Wifi standards use the same electromagnetic waves of 2.4GHz causing interference.

14. How can I simply increase the range of my baby monitor

parents can simply increase the range of your baby monitor by removing the obstructing factors such as inside furniture arrangement of your home, placement of the baby monitor avoiding thick concrete walls, etc. Also, you can set up the remote mode of your baby monitor to connect the home Wifi network. This remote model helps to stream videos from the baby unit to the smartphone.

You can simply wrap the baby unit antenna and the parent unit antenna with a piece of metal covered with aluminum foil. This technique will increase the signal receiving. Make sure to keep the baby monitor as high as possible

Final thoughts

The range is the most important feature of the baby monitor. You need to double-check the printed range of the package. The manufactures mention the open field range as the baby monitor range at all the time. So you need to think about the inside architecture and home arrangement of your home when you are buying a baby monitor. Because you need to accept a reduction in covering range when you use a baby monitor inside a home.

Your Wifi or broadband connection is a key thing in maintaining the range. You always need an undisrupted strong wifi connection to get the maximum function from a smart baby monitor. You also need to think about electrical devices, wireless devices, and the internet connections of your neighboring people when you use a smart baby monitor.

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