The travel stroller system

Transporting children differ according to the various different cultures and times.We can classify various types of baby carrages ( prames ) used for baby transportation.Those are

  • Infant car seats
  • portable bessinuts ( carrycots )
  • Strollers ( push chairs )
  • Slings
  • Backpacks
  • Baskets
  • Bicycle carriers.

Those transpotation methods are evaluated with the time and ease of the usage of parents.The modern travel system concept came through this long term evaluation chain.

What is a travel system

A travel system gives evrything need for your baby to travel comfort and style from new born to toddlerhood.As a very basic simplest form we can explain a travel system as

Car seat + stroller = Travel system 

Car seat+stroller+Adapter = Travel system 

If you connect  a car seat and a stroller together we call it a travel system.So a travel system is a combination of few units.

Sometimes a car seat and stroller come together and those manufactures sell that as a paired  connected unit in the same brand. Then you can straightaway combine those two items together and make a single unit,we call a travel system.

Sometimes parents are selecting the two separate units that are a car seat and the stroller in two different brands.Such instances you need adaptors to connect the subunits together to form the single travel system. But make a note that all of the different brands do not work together with adaptors. You have to consider these points when you decide to buy a travel system.

 If you plan to travel with your newborn you need the travel system right at the birth.So be very keen on purchasing a travel system as you need these equipment from infancy through adulthood.Infant car seats are easily set up with a matching stroller which forms a travel system.

As car seat Comprises of three basic components

  •    Stroller
  •    Infant car seat
  •    Car seat base

You can easily snap a car seat into a stroller and make a travel system very easily. From this method you can easily transfer a baby from a  stroller to a car seat and a car seat to a  stroller without waking them.that is the speciality of a travel system.

The baby care experts suggest that babies should not be kept in a baby car seat for more than 90 minutes. But for short trips with small time durations,this travel system concept is a better solution.A travel system facilitates you to stroll with your baby newborn before they independently sit up.Only thing that you need to do is to switch between your car seat and your stroller,as some car seats come with bassinet attachment facilities.

This amazing equipment can be used from the time you take your newborn from hospital to home and until well into toddlerhood.

Features of a travel system

The basic primary type of travel system  is suitable for babies from 0-6 months with forward facing or rearward facing types of travel systems.Also this basic model travel systems are good for overnight sleeping and this type can be used as a carrycot.The dimensions of this premette mode is 800*350mm

A travel system should have lockable front swivel wheels with a good suspension system.It should be adjustable across all the surfaces.

The seat mode travel system is suitable for 6 months to 15kg of weight of the baby.

The 0+ group car seat is suitable for up to 12-15 months and can be attached to other chassis to travel by using adaptors. 

These comprise a free-standing frame with compact fold removable wheels.Most of the times come with a removable wedge to support the born until they are 4-6 months.

Height adjustable handles can be seen with the travel system with a detachable bumper bar.

Most Travel systems include pram liner,pram apron,weathershield coating and chest pads.

UV parasols and cup holders are located in the push chairs of travel systems.

Why you choose a travel system

When you use a travel system,you can move your sleeping babywithout awaking.So this soft and comfortable transferring method is vry much helpful for parents.Also other travel systems can recline their seat totally flat.So you can facilitate co-sleeping with your baby by keeping them near your bed site in a yotally flat seated traval system.

The back rest can be adjusted higher and your older kids can use it more comfortable position. It means,once the kids outgrows thay can use the stroller part of the travel system for ambulation as a toddler.

If you invest your money to a total travel system at once,you don’t need to buy baby stroller,baby carrier,infant car seat separately.So,dear parents,don’t hesitate to take this budjet friendly desicion at the birth of your kid.

We hope now you can see the validity of this budjet friendly desicion of buying a travel system.

Main types of travel systems

3-wheel travel systems-

4-wheel travel systems

Jogger travelsystems

Double travel systems

Here are the best travel systems in 2021

1. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

This is the best selling and most popular travel system type in the market.To make this travel system you have to buy either the chicco keyFit 30 or chicco keyFit 35 infant car seat type together with chiccoFit2 chicco Bravo stroller.This awesome combination creates you a perfect product type for your need with your kids. 

At the birth stage of your baby you can remove the stroller of this travel system and that separated car seat can be attached to the vehicle seat and get the function as a car seat.

This type of baby stroller can be used as a separate stroller or stroller frame to fit the  baby car seat in it.Also both stroller seat and the car seat space can be used at the same time and that can be used for two kids at once.The large canopy of the trave system will provide the space for both seats at once.

This easily folded travel system has lot of features to help the moms in handling their kids.Those are 

  • Cup holder
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Large storage bin
  • Pantry tray
  • Wheel suspension
  • Large canopy size
  • One handed folding

Your infants weighing 4 pounds up to 30-35 pounds can keep within the kitFIT30 and 35 seat types.Later  this great quality,safety ensured car seats can be removed and use the stroller separately as an ambulating unit.


This seat has a steel-reinforced frame.It is lined with energy absorption foam.

Easily installation with the stroller

Side-impact protection 

Key fit 30 together with the bigger seat keyFit35 is well equipped to fit with Fit2 stroller of that travel system.

If you have the smaller seat and the chicco bravo frame,don’t hesitate to buy the larger seat which is nicely on the stroller well.


Less expensive in comparison to the other types

3. UPPA baby vista V2 & Messa Travel system

This is definitely a head-turning baby gear. This unique urban sleek design facilitates parents a lot in managing their children in day-to-day life. This travel system helps in various aspects of outdoor transportation.

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