Why are baby bottles kept underwater during summer?

You may have a question, why are baby bottles kept underwater during summer? The answer is simple.

In the summer, the temperature increases. Pressure is proportional to the temperature. So the natural air pressure also increases proportionally to the temperature. So the inside gas pressure of the baby bottles increases automatically. Suddenly they tend to burst due to increased pressure. When you keep bottles underwater, you can reduce the air volume inside the bottles and the water will absorb the temperature. That will prevent the bottle from bursting.

What happened in aerated water bottles during summer

Within aerated baby bottles, the inside Carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) gas passed very high through the water under pressure. This solubility of CO2 in water is low at this stage. But in the summer the gas solubility in water is likely to decrease with the rise in temperature. So more gas will be present at the liquid surface of the glass baby bottle. So the pressure of the inside gas is very high. Finally, the glass material of the bottle can’t withstand the pressure. So the glass bottle will explode causing serious injuries.

What do you expect after keeping the bottle under the watershed 

temperature of the inside gas of the bottle will decrease as the water absorbs a certain degree of temperature. So the solubility of the gas ( mainly CO2 ) is likely to increase in the aqueous solution inside the baby bottle. So it decreased the pressure and prevent bursting.

What are aerated water and aerated baby bottles?

The air added water is called aerated water. Sometimes parents use the water to prepare the milk solution and that diluted gas of water will be accumulated on the liquid milk surface. It creates pressure inside the baby bottle. This reaction is high when the temperature increases.

If you use plastic baby bottles, Be careful during the summer.

When exposes to extreme heat during summer times, plastic baby bottles may be unsafe. When it gets hot, certain stuff of the plastic bottle can come into the drinking milk inside the bottle. So ultimately your baby will absorb these chemical plastic components.

You need the baby bottle more frequently in the hot weather

Babies are easily affected by heat. Regular drinking is essential. you need to wear light clothing and give adequate fluid to them. So add plenty of fluids with the baby bottles. You can give breast milk or formula as they need to get more often for less time. So tries to prepare your baby bottles all the time as you need those more frequently.

Try to prepare a water bath at your home kitchen in the summer to readily prepare your few bottles.

Final thoughts

Most baby bottles are getting burst in the summer. The increased pressure of the air of the bottle is causing this problem. So you need to keep all your baby bottles underwater during these hot summer times. It helps to prevent bursting.

I hope you took the clear answer for the main problem. In addition to that, if the bottle is plastic, there is a tendency of mixing the plastic components with the milk or the other liquids inside the bottle. This causes very harmful effects on your child. So my final advice to use glass baby bottles all the time and get the necessary steps for stocking those in the summer.

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