Why does my baby kick his blanket off?

There is no specific explanation for why does my baby kick his blanket off? You can swaddle a newborn baby nicely because they have very limited limb movements and they can stay still for a long time. But after two to three weeks after birth, they started to rapidly grow and moving limbs too past. They always try to free their bed covers.

Commonly babies are more active at night. They always try to put on her sheets and blankets. But the newborn’s ability to move limbs is very minimal. So they remain still with clothing at nighttime. At the age of four months, babies start to peddle their limbs and then try to free their bed covers.

Normally, a baby’s self temperature regulation ability is restored at the age of four months. So they will not become too cold even though they remove their clothing at night. Uncovering the baby on winter nights is not a good thing. They are more likely to wake up at nighttime.

Just past the age of four months the babies are constantly kicking off the blankets and waking up frequently. So if you are not trying with a sleeping bag that is specially designed for wriggling inside the sac, this is the more suitable time for these types of sleeping bags. If you can choose a sleeping bag with safety standards, it will prevent slipping down your baby inside the sleeping bag

Be careful about overheating while using blankets and sleeping bags which are caused by SIDS.

How does your baby kicking the blanket cover off – How does it happen frequently?

These babies are constantly kicking off the covers then they try to wake up crying. Sometimes they kick off then carry on sleeping continuously. By doing this they try to make the room for turning sideways in the bed or the crib and after banging their legs on the bars of the crib.

Even Though the room temperature is about 19 degrees and the baby is wearing comfortable clothing, they still remain with kicking off the blanket covers. Even if the parents tucked them tightly these babies always manage to get them off.

So dear parents, the problem starts like this. Do you have a similar experience? So the keep reading and the below information will shock you.

Sleeping bags or wearable sleeping sacks -Are they just so much easier than blankets

Most parents prefer these two items instead of using the blankets for the baby at night. Blankets are fine for newborns as they have a lack of movement range in the first few weeks. So they can swaddle easily because they can’t kick out the blankets or the cloth piece. But after a week or two babies can kick out. It is not advisable leaving a loose blanket over the face of the babies. So sleeping bags or sleep sacks are much safer.

What do you know about your baby sleeping in a blanket?

As new parents, you must aware that blankets, soft objects, and other soft stuff should not place in the crib space area.

This specific advice has been recommended by the AAP ( American association of pediatrics) because it increases the risk of SIDS. So they have found a set of objects that could not keep in the crib area

Those objects are

  • Blankets
  • comforters
  • Bumpers
  • non fitted sheets
  • quilts
  • sheepskin
  • pillows
  • cushions
  • toys
  • mattresses

The above objects can trap your baby and can obstruct the airway of your baby. It will increase the risk of SIDS.

Using a blanket

it will cause overheating of your baby. Also, increase the risk of SIDS. A baby crib is a special place and it should include only a snug when the baby is sleeping in the crib. The crib mattress should be fitted into the crib size and no more additional layers of the mattress should be there.

When can the baby sleep with a blanket?

No specific age limit has been mentioned by the AAP to use a blanket for your baby independently sleeping inside the crib. But infants under 12 months old are more prone to face bedding-related deaths

According to the research, blankets are a high-risk thing for babies aged between 5-11 months old. Because the older babies are more mobile but they don’t have enough motor skills to untangle themselves from their bedding.

The risk of suffocation and the rate of entrapment is gradually lessened after the first birthday but you need to think about the individual development stage. But I strongly suggest that if you need to introduce the blankets, safe comfort objects, other bumpers, non-fitted sheets, etc. You need to wait for the second birthday of your baby. It means at the age of 12 months your baby can have dexterity and reflexes to clear the few objects away from their face and body.

The most suitable blanket for your baby

My strong recommendation for the blankets is quite simple. So you never choose a blanket with ties.

As new parents, You need to select a soft small lightweight blanket made out of breathable materials. Be sure to stay away from the ties of the blanket and other possible hazards. You need to try with a sleep sack or wearable sleeping bags as soon as possible when the baby grows older. It is a good solution for the continuous kicking problem of your baby.

Can you use a swaddle for your baby or any other option?

I suggest the swaddling of your newborn baby is the best option rather than using a blanket. But when we consider an older baby, it may include a danger when you swaddle him/her. Because the older baby can roll onto their stomach and can be trapped face down. AAP recommendation is that your baby should sleep upwards all the time. Also, never try to combine several layers of dressing with your baby together with swaddling them.

Suggestive safe baby sleep tips with blankets and other bedding clothes.

Dear parents, I strongly suggest always stick to AAP standards when considering safe sleep tips for your baby. These tips are more concerned with using blankets and other types of bedding materials and equips. All these will help you to reduce the risk of SIDS.

  • Always let your baby below 1-year sleep on their back even for a nap
  • Never try to share a bed with your infant below 6 months and try to share the room
  • The crib mattress should be firm and fits snugly with the crib with no gape
  • If you use a crib, bassinet, or another portable crib, make sure to use it less than 10 years old.
  • Never smoke in front of your baby and don’t allow others to smoke in front of your baby
  • make sure to maintain a clean sleep area for your baby.
  • Never buy a thing that is not meat the safety guidelines for your baby. Then you can reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Don’t use bumper pads, wedges, positioners, and other sleep equips inside the crib.
  • Keep the curtains, cords, other loose objects away from the cribs

By applying most of the above guidelines you can reduce the risk of SIDS and make sure to enhance your awareness about the sleep tips for your baby. If you are a new parent I hope this article gives you valuable insights to make your daily life easy and comfortable.


Final thoughts

Kicking off the blankets is a very normal thing with your newborn baby. When the baby grows older, the ability to peddle the limbs increase. It is dangerous for using a blanket with babies aged more than 2-3 weeks. Because they try to cover their face and other body parts with the blanket and that increases the risk of getting SIDS. In winter times, uncovering your baby is not a good thing. Same as during hot days, never allow your baby to overheat.

It is OK to swaddle a newborn baby as they have limited limb movements. With the time babies trying to peddle their limbs rapidly, then you better use the sleeping bag or wearable sleeping sacs for your baby to avoid the entrapment of the blankets inside the cribs. Always parents need to follow the sleeping tips recommended by the AAP to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your kids


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