Why does my toddler hump at night?

Humping in bed is a very common phenomenon among many kids. But many parents are caught absolutely of God when they see their tiny once suddenly running mock humping pillows and dolls sometimes mostly the other body parts. So they always ask “Why does my toddler hump at night?

Most of the time your child is not going to embarrass you in public, probably this is not an intentional law-conscious thought for them. It is a kind of self-sooting mechanism for your kid, just like sucking a thumb clapping rocking back can, etc

Especially toddlers are physiologically changing with their bodies very soon, and the sensations also can develop. Sometimes this can be the earliest recognition of pleasurable impulses from their private parts.

Sometimes these reasons can be why some kids take a while to kick this habit.

Finally, I would like to say this type of behavior is prudent to confirm that this has not been picked up from exposure to sexual context sexual abuse most of the time.

In general, I can say this is not a cause for much worry. Most of the time the child is probably not even aware of what they are doing. It is very important for the parents not to stress themselves. These behaviors probably will go away with the time

But it is very important for the parents to teach their kids, the value of being private as they grow older.

Night-time erections are totally normal things for your kids. Some kids can present nighttime erections whereas some kids are not present. You can find a few activities that are more common among toddlers when they are sleeping. That is, they try pulling and touching their penis and humping.

1. What actually happens here

Most parents suspect this behavior is related to their children’s sexual curiosity. Many children show this kind of behavior at the age of two and a half years. Most of the time children try to pull their penis when their parents are going to change their clothes.

The children are trying to hold his favorite stuffed animal which is in the lowest stomach area. They try to put their arms under them. They put stuffed animals in place while making populating motions.

Sometimes they do it off and on during the day and all the bedtime. Most parents expect this behavior mostly rubbing with the blanket or similar things.

Most parents are trying to neglect these children’s behavior and try to discourage the particular behavior patterns.

Meantime they are trying to hump around on pillows and other surrounding things. They also try to grab their mum’s breast so try to put their tongues into their mom’s ears. These types of odd behavior types are much more common in certain categories of children.

It is very important to respond wisely as parents to this kind of behavior of your kid. You should know how to react without making your children feel as if it’s a dirty thing.

The special type of activity that can happen when the babies are trying to hump

The nighttime elections are very normal at the age of two and half years. Some kids have nighttime erections and others don’t have that kind of thing. 

They try to do

  • Penis pulling.
  • Penis touching
  • Humping

The toddlers try to do this special behavior without their self-consciousness mostly. Most parents don’t know what is the best type of approach as soon as they notice this.

So talking about various aspects of the toddler’s humping activity is mostly a devastating problem for parents. Parents are highly distracted from what they need to do with this kind of behavior. 

As a quick response, the parents can distract their children when they see them engaging in these behaviors. Meanwhile, parents can teach them, that touching their private parts is only done in private places such as the bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

Parents should pass a message to their children, that these are private parts of their body and that is not for other people to touch. That method of passing the message should be strategic.

2. The reasons for your toddler’s hump?

Humping for self-satisfaction

Sometimes children develop various levels of stress when dealing with adults in their life. Autistic children, ADHD children, and other kinds of neurodevelopmental disorders children show this behavior a lot. Eventually, they come into a certain excitement due to the signs and symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders. 

When the parents are going to change their environment into a new environment ( for example if they are moving to a new city with family etc, sometimes it could be a birth of another child, the child is going to go to a new school and attending new parties and events at the news surrounding ), these kids develop massive levels of stress and excitement then leads to prominent behavior changes. 

This kind of environmental change brings them so much excitement. So in such instances, the children are doing humping behavior for the purpose of self-satisfaction.

They are trying to find new things that will help to relieve their stress. So they get started to rub or touch themselves and their body parts. They are trying to create pleasurable stress relieving tactile sensory experiences.

Show the parents needs to understand this type of behavioral and sensory needs of their child, otherwise, they will misinterpret the hampering behaviors as any other source of behavioral conditions in their child’s life.

Sometimes this type of self-satisfaction-seeking behavior can be performed by rubbing or humping an object, on the floor over the bed pillow. At other times children try to twist or pull their hair as they fall asleep. In that instance, they need self-satisfaction and they do other types of movements like rock back can fight, or even bang their head as a way of relieving their stress.

This special type of soothing behavior can be observed within autism spectrum disorder kids. But you don’t worry about your kid as they are suffering from autism spectrum disorder at once. But you need to see medical attention if you can’t tolerate or control this type of behavior.

Don’t be cross with your child when you catch one of these acts within your child

You don’t want to punish your child and make them feel ashamed about what they are doing. You try to find out a moment to explain the behavior type privately. You can go to a certain place and you can use a specific soft thorn to explain things to your child. Don’t make them feel guilty about what they are doing with shame. Just make sure that they grow out of it very soon.

In this case, professional advice is needed. Especially this humping behavior will become more purse assistant and a more frequent event then it is advisable for you to consult your doctor.

Frequent hunting behaviors can cause various types of problems. Attention seeking is the main thing among them. These attention-seeking children will perform this humping behavior for a long time and that will interfere with reacting to others and children in their setups. So they may have a tendency to withdraw from such places. And it will create other behavioral issues. So it is advisable to investigate your child regarding this issue.

Humping is just like other behaviors they will all eventually subside.

It is very familiar for us with arguments, fights, pulling hair, and so on when we are dealing with toddlers. It can be considered a very normal thing. But if your third law is trying to involve another toddler with this kind of a special humping expedition, that is the place where you should intervene.

3. Most of the time there will not be an underline behavioral problem behind this humping behavior of your kid.

A small percentage of your children can perform this self-soothing behavior excessively due to underlying medical problems. It can be associated with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder most of the time. This humping behavior can be remarkably seen within learning disorder kids as they are trying to use this for self-soothing a lot.

This is the place where you need an accurate and proper diagnosis for your child from a doctor or any other professional. So don’t hesitate to find medical assistance if you are facing this type of problem.

Dear parents, strongly I suggest that you need to be a very active observer of your kid. You should be an individual who is a better-informed person with regard to all of your child-related issues.

4. The relationships between humping behavior and the sleep

Hunger sleepiness discomfort from other triggers causes babies to hump. Sometimes babies do this kind of thing to get their parent’s attention or those around them. Whatever you do makes you that you don’t want to panic and this is a very natural behavior that will eventually go away as they grow up.

1. Your child may be in huge discomfort.

Hey, you can observe that your babies trust the pelvic part on anything before sleep. Sometimes the baby may be uncomfortable with their diaper oh they need to urinate oh they may have passed their stools or similar discomfort can happen with the child.

First of all, you need to check the nappy if it needs changing. You can adjust the diapers before putting the baby on the bed.

11. Baby needs to relax.

You can provide a warm bath before bedtime also a massage for your baby. That will definitely help to relax your baby before sleep. A very good relaxation feeling can be reacted with your baby by doing this kind of thing. Massaging is very much important for serotonin secretion improvement. All humping behavior can be stopped once they are relaxed.

111. Humping can cause to calm down the baby

Baby always tries to find a way to relieve the stress of pain. Like a does the babies also can get stress and pain very easily. Here they need to do the humping process repeat early until it becomes habitual. Most babies do this humping behavior before the nep time.

The parent can produce simple and gentle physical contact for their baby they can provide a rhythmic pat on the back or can cuddle them. Reading bedtime stories is another kind of very helpful technique to reduce the humping behaviors of your child.

5. Humping behavior and early childhood masturbation

The babies hump when they are in the bed and they are tired.

Believe me, it is not an uncommon thing for young children to masturbate. It is natural to them. It just feels good. So that is the only thing that day expects by doing this kind of behavior. I mean the physical comforts. They don’t bother about what they are doing. As parents, you want to understand it and realize it may not be what it looks like.

Some babies do pelvic thrusting while they are in the bed. And that pelvic thrusting can begin at about 9 to 10 months. It is not masturbation. It is a special way of self-soothing and can occur when the child is in a tired situation. This kind of pelvic thrusting can help an infant to fall asleep. So we can consider this temporary behavior as nothing to worry about making a big deal about.

So this type of humping in the bed is typical behavior for most kids. But you need to think about the frequency of that specific behavior and the extent of the refusal to stop these movements.

If your child is reluctant to refuse this behavior and if they are doing this behavior in a socially and acceptable manner in public, that is the place where you essentially should take in the medical assistance.

When we talk about infantile masturbation

Infantile masturbation is known as gratification disorder. Most commonly it occurs at the age of 1 year in male babies and sometimes it is more common after 2 years in female babies.

The babies are going to sleep on their parent’s lap and they suddenly just wake up. And they try to play with the surrounding area and almost probably sit in on the parent’s knees.

After that day started to rub on protruding furniture corners or leaning similar objects.

Babies try to flex and cross their legs and they started to rub each other sometimes they make their legs rigid. Some categories of babies will touch the genitals

It usually happens once in a few days and in some cases many times in one day. You can observe this special behavior.

Reasons for infantile masturbation

Infantile masturbation is normally done by babies for the local stimulation of the body. Because they have very specialized skin of the perennial and it is extremely delicate if the parents are going to put hot water to wash it etc it will sometimes naturally stimulate so if they are repeatedly doing this kind of things it will develop bad habits for the child.

Due to various parasites or genital lesions such as eczema, most kids do infantile masturbation.

How can we prevent this behavior?

It is very important for the parents to keep they are baby’s genitals clean. They need to pay attention to they are children’s sleeping posture and correct it in time. Because accurate sleeping postures will this courage various types of body part contact and its over-stimulation within babies.

Be careful not to wear too much of tight clothes while you a child is sleeping. Never let adults touch the baby’s body parts, especially in the child’s genital areas. Parents need to stop the children from playing with their genitals.

In some cases of vaginal parasites lesions, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible to correct this specified behavior

6. Humping behavior of kids can be associated with sleeping disorders.

When the babies and children are tired they also get cranky but they don’t have a special way to relieve their tiredness such as sleeping like adults. Because they can’t realize they need sleep so they split the dummy and screen or get upset. 

So their tiredness manifests as hyperactivity if anger unsettling.

Kids with ADHD have sleep issues. Also, kids with autism have self-issues because self-issues come first due to a lack of discipline in the attention deficit and hyperactivity followed.

7. Stress-induced hunting behaviors can be relieved with special sleep music

Here you need to understand that you are a toddler hunting due to stress. There is specially organized then well-developed sleep music available on YouTube and other places.

This special sleep music can be used while you are pregnant most of the time and it has the possibility of reminding your toddler of the life inside the womb. So this is a very powerful technique that can be used for self-soothing your child while they are sleeping and doing other day-to-day tasks.

8. Strategies that the parents can follow to prevent humping behavior

Most children are doing this type of behavior for the purpose of self-shooting. The behavior starts with self-soothing behavior and eventually it can be converted into a bad habit. 

Soothing behaviors such as thumb sucking, biting nails, clapping headbanging, rubbing the blankets, and that type of similar activities can be considered self-soothing behaviors.

I want to emphasize, that this is a very normal and healthy behavior pattern, but the sort of difficulty can be seen in the parent’s attitude while children are doing this types of activities in the public.

It is very much important for parents to talk about this type of behavior issue with the child. They can make the child understand that these activities should be done in private. As an example, they can use their teddy and can tell their child, hey, baby you can go into your room and close your door. because, if you want to touch a private part of your teddy bear it should be done in private.

also, you want to make them aware of the kind of private activity and what suitable places they need to do that. You can ask your child to go to the bathroom you know the bathroom is a very private place to do that kind of thing

In this way, the parents can put insight into their children’s minds about what are private places and what are private things in their personal life that they want to do.

Parents can do safety planning

You can have a bigger conversation about the body rules within your child. There you can give accurate names for their genitals. Try to create various types of teachable moments to talk to your child about their safety and private things in life. 

When you are giving him a bath, ask them to wash his genitals to model consent. In that situation, you can give them insight into the body parts which can be considered private.

This kind of basic activity helps young children to grow up with good information about privacy respect and appropriate behavior. So the parents can engage with their activities of daily living together with children in normal day-to-day life. 

This type of specific planned activity can be called safety planning. Sometimes you may be done this kind of activity in your home already if so I can encourage your positive behaviors. So you keep it up. Additional helpful resources are as follows

9. Developing healthy sexuality in infancy and childhood ages under 

This is very much important in the psychological and physical health of young children.

The parents need to find out the strategic ways that they want to talk to the children and they need to approach sexuality in the early years. Meanwhile, parents need to develop a healthy sense of sexuality in their children’s life.

Developing healthy sexuality in children under 4 years needs special intervention and approaching methods

Proper insight toward healthy sexuality

Sexuality starts at conception. So we immediately refer to our babies as boys and girls. So the discussion starts that how we socialize our boys and girls in many different ways. At birth, there is very little difference between the two successes. 

At birth, it is totally based on sexual anatomy and the appearance of the private parts. But if you can think about your informed infant’s sexuality can be helpful in getting yourself comfortable with the concept of them being a sexual being.


The little children are strange indeed. There are many superficial and deep things that you need to identify and understand within your child. and infant life. When they become a preschool the situation is worse. So don’t think that you will ever understand your child totally. I think you can’t do it completely.

But you can be a good observer as parents and you can see the beauty of all situations in your child’s life. Don’t worry about what they do and how they act to do a consistent observation and follow-up throughout their life cycle and you can get a medical and professional assistant if you need one at the very correct time.

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